Sunday, February 21, 2010

Petition me to Disney!

Yeah, I know that just a petition wouldn't get me on a Disney show... but what if it could?
Believe me, I have enough willpower that I would MAKE it happen.
And I am so qualified.

First off: I have the perfect coloring for it.
Don't tell me that Disney doesn't typecast- because here are three popular shows where the main character (a girl- hmm.. I have at least that!) has brown eyes and hair. (check and check! Who said drab was out?)

If you are doubting the awesomeness that is Sonny with a Chance, I'll just direct you over to my buddy Lauren. She'll convert you- quick! (Probably my favorite quote- "Do you love me, Sonny? Do you really?")

Yes, Wizards of Waverly Place is amazing- and no matter how much my friends tell me Selena isn't pretty, I know they're just jealous! (and I'll just pretend like I'm not jealous too... because who wants a singing, movie, and TV show career? Pshh.. not me...)

And I know this isn't Disney- don't hurt me! I just had to have something for Calvin and Jake to compare visually. (Carly has brown hair, brown eyes.. etc.)

Secondly: I can act mildly well.
I say it like that, because, well, no offense or anything- one doesn't have to be the cream of the crop to be picked for Disney!
I make funny faces sometimes when I tell stories and get really animated (or so I've been told), I have the valley-girl talk down smack (which is what the main girl uses to imitate the mean girl when she's mad and talking back- or when she's in cute sketches like the Check it Out Girls), and I'm pretty sure I can make the swoony-face that happens at times like these (4:15).

Thirdly: I will not backstab Disney when I turn 18.
Seriously. I have pretty good morals. I am positive that I will not turn into a Lindsay Lohan or a Britney Spears. I won't even get as close as Miley Cyrus (yeah, I said it).

What would you petition for?


Marci Darling said...

You are a perfect Disney candidate.

I would petition for something lame, like to be queen of england for life or something.

Alexandria said...

okay let's get this petition out on the interwebs! You yes YOU will be the next Disney star m'dear!

Show me where to sign!

Kriti said...

Oh Allison's being modest, she's quite the actress, really. I'd sign that petition!

Savanah said...

Totally of the wall here, but I would petition for Pluto to be recognized as a planet again. :(

I don't care about all the scientific babble behind it, PLUTO WAS MY BUDDY AS A KID!

Oh, and I'd sign your petition! Unfortunately, I probably wouldn't watch your show...

Okay maybe I would. xD

Alisha said...

I completely agree! I'll sign your petition!

The Style Mansion said...

Disney is missing out! Get that petition out there!!

Brittany said...

Go for it! I totally love Disney Channel. Wizards of Waverly Place? Best show ever.

Mar said...

Uhm, we should definitely get this show on the road! Show me where to sign and you are in, my friend!


Karina said...

First off: Selena is GORGEOUS.
Secondly: You can act MAJORLY well. Not mildly.
Thirdly: you rock.

Kellie said...

Hey! Hilary Duff. Arguably the best Disney girl ever.. was a blonde. Just saying :p
You'd be a great Disney girl! Gorgeous and smart and nice.
I'd petition to get my voice box replaced with Celine Dion's or something. Yep.

linnykins said...

And, you have a cheery bright smile to fit in with a Disney persona! :D Like that, but bigger and more awesome!

Sara said...

I thought it was so insanely shameful for me to like Wizards of Waverly Place...being 22 and everything...