Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear Hater,

I really have no idea what I did to make you hate me- but I just have to say, your way of expressing yourself is real mature.
I'm sure that if I were ever to write a hate letter, it'd be just like yours- with no punctuation, the inability to spell properly, and I'll be sure to pay no attention to the manners my parents taught me!
Don't worry- I'll use yours as a model:

"do u really have to go around and act so fake all the time i mean i kno its polite or w/e to say hi to teachers but ur just so obnoxious and ugh"

Thank you for this wonderful lesson!


PS: I just adore the way you spell "know"- with the "k" in the front to make sure people know you're not dumb, but the "w" very cool-ly left out... genius.


Sam said...

How rude! :( He/she is clearly jealous of something; probably the fact that you get along with your teachers and they like you.

Darian said...

stupid haters.

{megs in wonderland} said...

honestly, WHO COULD HATE ON YOU?!?! that is crazy talk.

dont let the hater's stop you from doin your thang!
(name that movie??)

much love girl.
xoxo megs

ChloƩ said...

oh allison! i am so sorry! people can be so mean! i can't believe that anyone would say something like that to you! you are the sweetest girl ever!!

Grace said...

Hey now, I don't think you owe anybody explanations!
I know how it feels to be attacked, but try not to let silly people trick you into dignifying them with a response when they don't deserve it.

Be proud of your nice self!

<3 Grace.

Kelley said...

you should be flattered that he/she cares so much. people only do things like that out of jealousy. just keeop on being you:)

Kellie said...

Allison I just love you so much and ugh.
This person is lame. You aren't.

linnykins said...

Not even a full stop, sheesh. Some people! You're awesome :)

Miss Priss Morgan said...

I HATE haters! Doesn't it suck how one ALWAYS ANONYMOUS jerk can ruin your day? And they are always idiots, with their cryptic typing.

I'm sorry. Just be you, no apologies, no explainations! Those idiots are usually just jealous of you awesomeness!

Shelby Lou said...

BAH-HA your reply is genius! Forget those hater's!!! They need to stop sippin' on that HATERADE!

kelzone said...


"ur just so obnoxious and ugh"...i wonder what it was that distracted their train of thought.

I'm glad you're so positive, because you definitely got the last laugh.

Alexandria said...

We have discussed this. You already know how much I want to kick this persons trash!

You are lovely and they are jealous!

Pay them no mind! love you!

aliice said...


Andy said...

Don't hate the hater, hate the game.. or something like. Or just hate the hater.

Though I did find the message quite weird.. its like.. they tried to stay a bit polite, it was kind of like what a young niece might say to you, even though they still love you.

colleenroselle said...

its funny I was going to make a post just like this, because I'm getting so sick of people hating on other people and spreading rumors and talking trash. it is SO not necessary, and it doesn't feel good. so then why do people do it?

Celeste said...

hahahaahah seriously? who is this kid? we all love you to pieces- you know that :)

samnhal said...

I'm sorry that you have a hater. Yuck, it seems like people are making their way around the blogging world. It makes me sad. Lets go beat 'em up!

Alice said...

Let the haters hate. Haters make you famous! ;)

However, should you need me....I will shank a beeatch if need be! ;)

Liz said...

I got a hater (from another blog, I picked the hater up by leaving a comment about another hater lol, so complicated, the world of haters)

doesn't it feel weird? I don't know about you, but my heart rate accelerated when I read my "hatemail" lol... they dissed Texas, whatev.

Well, you are loved here and know that the person just needs grammar lessons & a hug. Who seriously goes around leaving comments like that?


Emily Sue said...

people are rude. and people who are rude to you can suck it!! hahaha. i'm sorry!