Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hug a Tree!

I know that everybody and their mother has been celebrating Earth Day today (or maybe not...) but I wanted to do my part and advertise HUGGING TREES!

Yes, this picture looks really weird, and it's probably because it's not a tree (obviously), it's just a green outline of a tree around a stake. Yes, a stake. You see, on my missions trip, Katie and I planted a stake in the ground and tied flowers and sticks to it to make it look like a tree.. and yeah. We're cool like that. :)

Actually, if you really want them to grow, you can sing or talk to them- that probably helps more than hugging- but the idea is still the same:

Green is good.

You can help our environment in SO many ways, by saving "gray water" (I'll do a DIY soon!), unplugging unused electronics, turning off lights/radios when not in use... the list goes ON and ON!
In my opinion, every day should be earth day. But at least do your part this week and be super conscious of our lovely home- we only have one.