Monday, June 28, 2010

The Taste of Amazingness.

So this post is written, like, a week too late- and I know. I've been a horrible blogger. I feel like I've been saying this forever and ever, and that I would change my bad habits of not blogging, but summer has turned me even lazier than I was before!
Not. Good.

Anyways, this past weekend I went to the most amazing ice-cream parlor ever. (Located in Santa Cruz, if you ever want to visit. Wait- WHEN you visit.) And I say parlor because it makes it sound more retro- which it was!

First off, it was across from this classy sign. I mean, I know it was a tough decision choosing to eat the ice cream instead of going across the street for LIQUOR, but somehow we managed.

And it is just CUTE! It's very well kept, bright red and white... maybe it needs a little work on the grammar (I've never heard the plural of ice cream as ice creams before...) but who am I to argue?

And then the flavors! I kid you not, there were like a million.
Okay, like 60. At least. All those little signs across the back wall were also continued along 2 other walls- that's a LOT of ice cream. And they mix it all themselves!
The ice cream was creamy and perfect and I like to tell myself that it was very healthy, so that I have an excuse to get more. Mmm.
(And apparently they have Chinese take-out boxes too? Didn't notice that until just now...)

Last point- awesome decor! Since when did dancing cow wallpaper go out of style?
Like, uh, never!
And that TV? Goodness. Let me just steal it now, please.

Marianne's = Amazingness.
The end.


Alyssa said...

There's something about summer that just makes it hard to blog, I think. I've been slacking too. It's just more fun being lazy, I think!
The ice cream(s) parlor looks adorable!

Allister Bee said...

this is so cute! i love the pictures! ♥


Vanessa said...

Mmmm ice cream, one of my biggest down falls. So what kind is the best there!?

Alexandria said...

I l-o-v-e Santa Cruz! I will for sure have to stop by this adorable little ice cream parlor!


Madi Rose said...

i LOVE these pictures=)

samnhal said...

That's awesome. Seems like such a cool place. If I make it back to Cali I'll have to check it out. They have some yummy local ice cream places here, but not with that many flavors!

Annah said...

Those pictures really are fabulous.

Emily Sue said...

oh my gosh i'm so with you summer has turned me L-A-Z-Y!!! gahh!

Ash Att said...

i love your pictures! serioulsy. awesome

Kayla said...

What a cute place! Reminds me of a really neat little Malt Shop I went to. There was a juke box, lights on the ceiling and vintage photos of old bands and guitars all over the place. I love cute places like that!