Saturday, July 17, 2010

Helping Haiti

It's sad to think that the tragedy of Haiti still affects its citizens every day. So many people were injured and killed, so many buildings were destroyed, and yet life still continues.
Many Americans have forgotten about Haiti, not on purpose, but because the Haitians' lives are so far from theirs- we're not exposed to their hardships on a daily basis and therefore forget.

I admit, I have done the same.
It's so easy to live with our "blinders" on, looking only straight forward and not paying attention to our sides, to other people's problems.

That's why I was so grateful to actually help this week.

A team of 10 doctors, one of whom is from my church, are heading to Haiti this week and needed help packing all their supplies and pills in suitcases to take with them. I volunteered to help pack, because I want to have a physical role in helping, even if it is from another country.

We opened thousands of packages of pills, counted them out in groups of 30 and 60, and bagged them up in Ziploc bags so that the doctors could give each Haitian in need a month's supply of a medicine.

It took nearly 3 hours just to pack the latter half of the medication, with over 15 people working together and forming assembly lines to hurry the process.

We had a few bags at the end just filled with empty bottles of pills; the doctors wanted to take as much medicine possible so they could treat as many patients as they received. They would try to take 30+ patients a day so they could help as many people as possible!

It was so amazing to look at our work at the end of the day and see the many suitcases all lined up, each with thousands of pills and medications that we had packed that would go to help someone in need. Even though it was tedious work, it's nothing compared to the hardships some of the Haitians are going through right now, not at all.

Please keep the Haitians and this team of doctors in your prayers!


~kiMbeRLy~ said...

This touches my heart! You are a wonderful person and this was a wonderful thing to do.

Kell said...

I'm glad you got the opportunity to help, and for such a good cause!

Alexandria said...

You make me proud. Which may be a weird thing to say, but you are such an inspiration and open hearted young woman.

You are wise beyond your years doll, and I know you will keep growing and getting all the wiser.


Justice Pirate said...

I wish people cared about other people in general.

Nancy Face said...

This is just so wonderful! I'm glad you chose to take part in this experience. When you serve others with love in this way, it touches and lifts your heart, and you're never quite the same again! :)

Vanessa said...

What an amazing thing to do! You my dear are amazing! <3

KatOfDiamonds said...

Made me smile and cry love <3