Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Melodies II

This week's song/artist now has an even BETTER place in my mind because of a little event that happened last week.
Mindy Kaling, of The Office, e-mailed me telling me I was awesome after her I sent the names of some of Mika's fun songs. Yeah, no biggie. I'm basically have connections in Hollywood now, so um... yes.
(This is me using my Penelope from SNL voice and stroking my hair, something I do for fun with Karina that often infuriates our friends, probably because it's extremely annoying unless you're doing it yourself.)

Back to the music- if you like fun music that makes you want to run and jump and sing man's falsetto, Mika is the man for you.

This is one of the first songs I heard of Mika's, called "Grace Kelly" and it's super addicting, like, you'll listen to it nonstop for days. And then anytime someone mentions "Grace Kelly" or "brown", "blue", or "violet sky", you'll burst out into song.
No joke.


Karina F. said...


I can see you doing your Penelope voice :D.

Mika is amazing.

Kell said...

Did Mindy Kaling really e-mail you?? Or am I being gullible? Ha! That's awesome!
And I LOVE the music!

Allison said...

No, she really did! I would NOT joke about it. Here, lemme find it...

"Thanks Allison!!! You're awesome.


Haha. So excited over it.

samnhal said...

That's so cool that she e-mailed you back. You're like besties for real!

Silver Strands said...

Ah such a fun song! And did Kelly from The Office really email you?! She's so great!

Anonymous said...

hey there! thanks so much for entering my giveaway on freckled nest! i love your blog! <3

Emma said...

love this song!