Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Epic Fail. Episode 2

I think I've already introduced the epicness that is failbooking.
Essentially, a site dedicated to the people who should not own a Facebook, created for laughs and (in my case) great big sighs.
Please, please, don't let me know any of these people.

Nice try at a diss, Mr. Red. You came thiiisss close.

You know, at least you have a winky face.
I'm glad you're proud of your progress- you must've come a long way.

And this is why people who don't understand jokes shouldn't try telling them.

You are so right, London is the capital of France...

That one is tricky, man, I get fooled by those decimal points too.

And you're posting on FACEBOOK about this? Go call the Animal Center or something!

People, people, people.
This is where that sigh comes in...



lydia. said...

oh, goodness!
this made me laugh so much.


Melissa said...

i love failbook! lol thanks for sharing :D

Karm said...

lmao... i like the decimal point one and the new vocab one... haha thanks for posting allison

samnhal said...

Can you even coast at 2.5 miles per hour? How is that possible? Haha! and I don't know whos dead cat that sad!

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

Failbook Wins...until I find one of my own fails on it!

MJ said...

The new vocab and 7-8-9 one made me laugh way hard! These are funny!