Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You are 17 Going on 18...

This one is for you, Karina, my beautiful and AMAZING friend who just turned 17. And now can only sing Rolf's part for "16 going on 17" (MWAHAHA).

I love singing with you, dancing with you, being goofy with you, complaining with you, crying with you, being Penelope with you, working with you, pretending to work with you, eating crepes with you, taking pictures with you, and just about everything else.

You make me want to SHOUT!

(in a good, fun, dancing way)

Imma pretend you're the guy with the 'fro. I'm gonna be the guy with the sombrero thing and poncho.
And the rest of the other guys are our back-up dancers. Okey dokey?