Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In One of Those Moods...

Or maybe not mood, per-say, but that borderline hysteria that accompanies the lack of sleep and an overdose of stress?
I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about- that weird giddy feeling you get when something seems extremely funny to you in your twisted head because you are just so tired that you need to get out those stress jitters? I'm definitely in one of those "moods" right now.
I just called my brother into my room, and the following conversation ensued:

Me: Hey Mathew, knock knock!
Mathew: (rolling eyes because he knows I'm going to say something probably not that funny) Who's there?
Me: I eat mop.
Mathew: I eat mop who?
Me: (laughing hysterically) BAHAHAHAHA!! YOU EAT YOUR POO??

And I am still laughing hysterically as I type this.
For those of you who don't understand, I'm not completely deranged, mop + who without great enunciation (because most people don't have it) = ma poo.

Oh dear. Well, if you want to get my mind of my lack of rest and humor me even more, give me your best knock knock. Or pun. I love those, too.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Goodbye Darren, Hello Mister Bigshot!

Well, I had been planning to post this song and artist in a couple of weeks seeing as I had some other fun ones on my mind, but a change of plans has been made... due to some reasons I'll explain in a jiffy.

This, as you may be able to tell, is Darren Criss.
The singer about-to-be-phenomenon who starred in A Very Potter Musical (and its sequel!) Remember that?
Well, Mr. Criss is an extremely talented guy, like, no joke. He has a beautiful voice, a crazy-good composing ability (he wrote every. single. song. in AVPM) and a wonderfully lovely mop of curly hair.
The reason that I moved this post up to today is because he's about to....
(drum roll please)
You heard me right, folks, this guy is going to be up there with all our favorite stars- who knows where he's going next?

This Monday Melody is a tribute to his awesomeness as a small town performer before he became too famous, in a song he wrote when he was just 15 titled "Human".

Sigh. Congrats, Darren.
I'll be missing those days when Karina and I could squeal over you without everyone in the entire world knowing who you were. But things are looking better for you, so I wish you the best of luck.
You deserve it.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The One in Which Darian is Sneaky.

We all need a little bit more Darian in our lives...
like that time when he thought caterpillar ended in an "eir" or that time when he wore a dirty helmet that we found on the ground... sigh.
Good times.

Well, I have another Darian story for us.

This is Darian.
Darian appears to be wearing completely normal clothes while biking to school: a t-shirt, jeans, possibly a long sleeved shirt underneath the t-shirt so that it doesn't get too cold biking at 7:00 in the morning.

This is Darian.
He, apparently, doesn't know what a long sleeved t-shirt is.
Because although he has the appearance of wearing something completely normal, his undershirt is in fact, just sleeves.

Sneaky, Darian, sneaky!

PS: I find these sleeves absolutely hilarious and laugh every time I see his arm showing. Maybe if they were gloves I'd understand... but they're just tubes of cloth! Practical, maybe, but very funny.

PPS: I stole a little FRIENDS copyrighted goodness on the title there. Good stuff, FRIENDS is.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ginormously Immense Fabulousness.

That, in my mind, is what "gif" stands for.
I don't care what the real computer term is, (actually, I was kind of wondering. It's "graphics interchange format", if anyone wanted to know) all I know is that gifs are

Vintage raspberry eating- did anyone else stick them on their fingers to suck them off? Because I definitely did...

Awesome dancing in technicolor, sort of a classy pop-lock-n-drop-it.

Heehee, the waggling villain eyebrows.

And, our favorite, Archie. And his awkward hand-raise.
Which I definitely do all the time, especially when you're TRYING to talk, but the teacher keeps going on so it's like up, whoops! not really...


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seniors Are What? Dynamite!

"Seniors are what? Dynamite!
Seniors are what? Dynamite!
Seniors are tick, tick, tick, tick- BOOM! DYNAMITE!"

Powderpuff this year was essentially the most awesome Powderpuff of all.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm finally a senior, or maybe it's just 'cause my class rocked....
But it was awesome.
Powderpuff, for those of you who aren't familiar with the term, is a class vs. class football game that high schools do for fun, with the girls playing and the guys cheering.
As you can imagine, it's extremely fun to watch-
especially the cheering part.

To start out with, the stands were PACKED. Everyone and their mother (well, not really their mother, because it was during lunch) was in the stands, cheering their hearts out for their favorite team.
We were all decked out in Purple and Gold (the school's colors, and the senior's colors- the freshmen were pink) and there was this great buzz of energy- Seniors vs. Freshmen!

Poor freshmen, I mean, it's hard enough to be the first year, but to have to go against the seniors? When you don't even know what's coming? Sad.

Our guys pulled the big moves- kick lines....

... throws in the air, amazing dancing.... the freshmen didn't stand a chance.

We won the game a whopping 21 - 0.

I was pretty ecstatic, as you might be able to tell by my crazed grin.
And why is my second thumb up, too? I don't even understand myself sometimes...


Apparently I don't even look like a senior. I was at the bike racks, minding my own business, when I heard a sophomore talking about how "the seniors whupped the freshmen" at the Powderpuff game. I was feeling generous, so I interrupted, and the following conversation ensued.
Allison: Don't be mean, it's their first year!
Sophomore Boy: Whatever, even WE were better than that. The seniors are just awesome.
Allison: Darn right we are!
Sophomore: Wait, you think you're a senior?
Allison: Um... I am one.
Sophomore: There's no way you're a senior.
Allison: What are you talking about? That guy (pointing at another senior) can vouch for me!
Sophomore: Okay, look. I don't even know you and I know you're not one.
Allison: (jaw drops, wheels bike away)

Well, you look like an EIGHTH grader, mister "Sophomore"! Take that!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cheesy Like Velveeta.

I'd like to start this Monday Melodies off by saying that I had originally picked this song to poke fun at the late 90's in the UK... but now it's stuck in my head.
And so is the dance.
And the obnoxious smiles and running and twirling in the grass.
So if you're looking for me anytime soon, don't go any further than the nearest meadow- that's where you'll find me in my denim ensemble and dyed hair.

This Monday's song is from the UK band B*Witched and is called "C'est La Vie".
Yes, it's incredibly corny.
Yes, you want to laugh until you cry.
Yes, it will get stuck in your head and people will laugh at you for singing it in public.

What did I say?
In the words of my orchestra wind coach, this song is so cheesy "it has Velveeta spread all over it".
It's priceless.

So priceless, in fact, that me and B*Witched are basically BFFLs right now.

Friday, September 17, 2010

He's a Lion. Who can Talk.

You know your school is nerdy and cool at the same time when you see a sign-up sheet for "Dumbledore's Army" posted on the wall where everyone can see it.
And then everyone signs it with the names of characters, with their own names, and with made up names.

Well, of course we couldn't be like everyone else. Psh. Conformity is overrated.
Biting, however, is not, because that's what I did.
Although, technically, when you're a biter as awesome as I am... it cancels the bad out.

Rumbleroar = Awesome.
Just who is Rumbleroar, are you asking yourself? Well, he's a lion. WHO CAN TALK.
He's also the headmaster of Pigfarts, the greatest Wizarding school in the galaxy- it's on Mars.

If you're still scratching your head, watch this.
Right now, preferably, and then let's fangirl over it together, kay? DEAL.

Oh, and then people started being more-biter and less-awesome than us, and there were signs everywhere. For Death Eaters, the Order of the Pheonix, and our great sign was lost in the scuffle....

But it will remain in our hearts forever.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Heart It.

I love how easily you can find beautiful things with the help of the Internet.
You can peruse to your heart's content and always end up satisfied with something that you find, whether it be a great blog, a wonderful quote, or amazing pictures.
I'm thinking about starting an "I Heart It" feature on my blog- mainly because there are SO many things that I love that I find via We♥It.
Here are some gorgeous prints that just captivate me:

How people are so creative, I have no idea.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Babies + Lemons

I know, I know. More babies.
I just can't get over how darn tootin' cute these kids are!

And might I say- I think I look JUST as cute eating lemons as they do... well, almost as cute.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

How to: Go Gaga

I've never been a huge fan of Lady Gaga- I mean, yes, she's insanely talented and obviously is a world phenomenon right now, but I think she could put her gorgeous voice to more appropriate use.
But that's just me.
I DO, however, think her style is outrageous. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way...

Frankly, she frightens me.
But that, of course, doesn't stop me from trying out her hairstyles!

HOW TO: GO GAGA- The Bow-style.

1. Take your hair out from its ponytail/braid/bun/etc.

2. Comb or brush it until your hair is nice and fluffy...

3. Like this!

4. Stick all that hair into a ponytail on the top of your head.
Hint: It's easiest to do this if you tilt your head towards the ground and arrange it into a ponytail in that position. Especially when you have long hair and it's too heavy to put up there without some of gravity's help.

5. Tie a floppy bun from that ponytail, making sure to leave some extra hair, the "tail" sticking out in the direction of your face (not facing the back).
Hint: In my vocabulary, there are two types of buns. Twisty buns, in which you twist your hair until it naturally turns into a bun-like shape, and the floppy bun, in which you just take a ponytail and "fold" it in half and tie it that way.

6. Separate the bun into 2 equal sections (these will be the loops of the bow) and try and make them as perky as possible. Fluff them with your fingers, spray them with hairspray (I didn't do that in this tutorial), etc.

7. Take the "tail" left over from the floppy bun and smooth it out with your fingers. You can gently comb through it an extra time, as this will be the middle of the bow.

8. Flip that tail over the center of your two ribbon-sides, and stick the hairs into the rubberband holding the bun together. You can also use bobby pins to secure stray hairs that bug you.


10. Or not fierce!

If you prefer this style better, you can use the above tutorial, using only the top half of your hair as opposed to all of it.

Kind of like this!
(Except not as ugly. This was a rush job.)

What are you waiting for?

Friday, September 10, 2010

YOU Can Make a Masterpiece!

But just warning you... it's really hard.
And here's the evidence:

I'm usually a pretty artistic, creative person- so this is probably saying something. Also, it's just really hard to make things out of sand, which is why this lady is so... unappealing.

In order to make myself feel a little bit better about the picture, I've told myself that she kind of sort of looks like the dripping matchmaker from Mulan.

See the resemblance?? No?
That's okay.

Anyways, my whole point of this post was to introduce this site:
It's pretty much like playing with those colored sand bottled things that we all did in elementary school, except BETTER, because you can choose your colors and design things, and we're older and more experienced!
All you have to do is click on the little square on the top left corner, and it tells you how to start!

And if you're afraid you're pictures will turn out like mine, take heart. Some people with WAY too much time on their hands made these:

Crazy, right?

My personal favorite.

So, try it out! It's super fun, and I'd LOVE to see your masterpieces!
(So post those gallery links below!)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just- Don't Hate.

You know, I hear much too often about bloggers being hurt because of "haters". The sweetest people that I am so blessed to be friends with, hurt, because of readers who insult their face, their bodies, their actions, anything they wish.
And you know what? That's not okay.
Everyone is a person, and all people have feelings. I don't care if they think a purple shirt someone is wearing is unflattering, it's just not nice to say it.
I would think that, all of us being respectable adults and such, it would not be such a problem in our community but it really is.
So here is an illustration that we did in our "Body Image" unit of Physiology, meant to hopefully show what insults do to someone.

The Crumpled Man.

Here is you. You are a beautiful person, inside and out.
You are flawless, your soul is unharmed, and you are content with yourself.

But what happens after someone carelessly drops an insult? What happens after someone tells you to your face that you are not good enough?

Each of those comments puts a crinkle in you. Each of those blows crumple your confidence, cripple you, make it so that you are ashamed to show yourself.
You are broken.

Everyone has these scars. But it's up to each individual to flatten out those crumples, to try and scratch out those insults.
You will always have the marks and they will always be with you, no matter how confident you are at a point in your life- but who are we to hurt you?
Who are we to write on your perfect self, to scar you?

We have no right to do that.
Haters, don't hate.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Melodies V- That 70's Song.

So basically, I owe Karina everything for this song, because I had never heard it until two days ago in her car. But lemme just say, it is another dancey-dancey feel good song... and you know how I love those. :)

This beautiful school and work-free Monday's song is called "That 70's Song" by The Cab.
(And a word of advice- the title has nothing to do with the lyrics or song. If I had to title it, I'd probably call it "We Belong Alone" or something.)

PS- doesn't it bother you a little when such happy songs have such not-happy lyrics?
It's so paradoxical...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Snakes... I Hate Snakes."

In my town, we have the regular movie theaters like AMC, Spotlight Cinemas, and whatnot, and then we have the RETRO DOME.
I think it was made a while ago back when domed theaters were all the rage, but it didn't really attract that much attention in these modern times... so they revamped it in garish orange and blue and dubbed it "THE RETRO DOME". I'd never been there before today, but my youth group went to go see a double feature of Indiana Jones for split price, and opportunity struck!

I wasn't a huge fan of the colors on the outside, but I decided to give the theater a break and just enjoy myself with my friends... and enjoy I did. Lemme just say, two movies back to back is DIFFICULT. Especially when it's Indiana Jones.
(Not that I dislike Indie, it's just a lot to have packed into 4 hours. And it's four hours!!)

I think the theater design just grew on me. I mean, the colors were bright. There were lime greens and purples and oranges- it was a lot to take in.

Then there were the comfy chairs around the lobby, the lava lamps in strategic places on counters, and the lovely bulb-chandeliers.

Man, that thing is attractive.

Then there were the restrooms- BRIGHT PINK.
Not even bubble gum pink, it was straight-off-the-bottle Pepto-bismol pink.

Vintage posters everywhere.

And more everywhere-ness.

The theater itself was surprisingly big for how small the dome looked from the outside, but I just loved the whole vibe with the colored bulbs on the side and draped curtains around the screen.
It took a while, but I really warmed up to the decor. Really really.

Oh, and the movies were okay too. In case you were wondering.