Monday, September 20, 2010

Cheesy Like Velveeta.

I'd like to start this Monday Melodies off by saying that I had originally picked this song to poke fun at the late 90's in the UK... but now it's stuck in my head.
And so is the dance.
And the obnoxious smiles and running and twirling in the grass.
So if you're looking for me anytime soon, don't go any further than the nearest meadow- that's where you'll find me in my denim ensemble and dyed hair.

This Monday's song is from the UK band B*Witched and is called "C'est La Vie".
Yes, it's incredibly corny.
Yes, you want to laugh until you cry.
Yes, it will get stuck in your head and people will laugh at you for singing it in public.

What did I say?
In the words of my orchestra wind coach, this song is so cheesy "it has Velveeta spread all over it".
It's priceless.

So priceless, in fact, that me and B*Witched are basically BFFLs right now.


Anonymous said...

oh. my. god.

HAHAHA ohhhh my goshhhhhh !

Poor guy tied to the tree :( LOL!!

Reminds me of the spice girls!

"Some people say I look like my dad"

oh wait... the riverdancing/clogging!!!

OMG this is genius. THANKS :)

nicole hatfield said...

hahah remember on smart house when she dances on the bed to this song haha good times!

Karina F. said...

I remember this from Disney Channel! :D


Marci Darling said...

OH MY WORD, love the pic! And this song, so rad!

Hannahkin said...

oh - not fair! it won't play for me... because of copyright issues. darn it. i'm gonna go find another video of it on youtube and i'll report back :)

Lindsay Shreeve said...

Umm OH MY GOSH! I seriously still have this CD from when I was younger! I used to be obsessed and I am not too cool to admit that I still LOVE this song!:)

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

ahhhhh!!! Too Funny!

becca. said...

haha! i'm from the us but i totally had to have this cd. loved it.

Jennifer said...

i so remember that song from when I was in high school...what a different from todays music, and that was only a few years ago! (okay, 5 years

becki said...

Hahahaha! That looks like a video that belongs on The Wiggles or something. Yikes. Their fellow looks like he is a Wiggle. aahck!

meguna said...

oh gawd...i remember this song

Justice Pirate said...

. . never got into them but one of my friends still loves them and she used to see them in concert all the time.

the last picture you have with you in it is so funny.

Shannon said...

I love this and could only possibly love this post more if you mentioned Cleopatra or Dream.
R.I.P The 90's...or as I refer to it as my childhood!

Erin said...

I remember this band! Ahh, I used to have their CD but I probably wouldn't be able to find it now. I drove my dad crazy in the truck replaying it over and over again years ago, so I'm thinking he threw it away or something. haha. I feel kind of ancient right now, but I love it. Thanks for the fun trip down memory lane :)