Monday, September 27, 2010

Goodbye Darren, Hello Mister Bigshot!

Well, I had been planning to post this song and artist in a couple of weeks seeing as I had some other fun ones on my mind, but a change of plans has been made... due to some reasons I'll explain in a jiffy.

This, as you may be able to tell, is Darren Criss.
The singer about-to-be-phenomenon who starred in A Very Potter Musical (and its sequel!) Remember that?
Well, Mr. Criss is an extremely talented guy, like, no joke. He has a beautiful voice, a crazy-good composing ability (he wrote every. single. song. in AVPM) and a wonderfully lovely mop of curly hair.
The reason that I moved this post up to today is because he's about to....
(drum roll please)
You heard me right, folks, this guy is going to be up there with all our favorite stars- who knows where he's going next?

This Monday Melody is a tribute to his awesomeness as a small town performer before he became too famous, in a song he wrote when he was just 15 titled "Human".

Sigh. Congrats, Darren.
I'll be missing those days when Karina and I could squeal over you without everyone in the entire world knowing who you were. But things are looking better for you, so I wish you the best of luck.
You deserve it.


Karina F. said...

This is extremely frustrating. :( I'll miss you Darren.

Karm said...

oh geeze I need to get into the loop of things, I swear in every blog I learn something new... haha

samnhal said...

I've never heard of him before. you can just pretend that when he gets big from glee you can say it was because of your blog because it was on there first. haha!