Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just- Don't Hate.

You know, I hear much too often about bloggers being hurt because of "haters". The sweetest people that I am so blessed to be friends with, hurt, because of readers who insult their face, their bodies, their actions, anything they wish.
And you know what? That's not okay.
Everyone is a person, and all people have feelings. I don't care if they think a purple shirt someone is wearing is unflattering, it's just not nice to say it.
I would think that, all of us being respectable adults and such, it would not be such a problem in our community but it really is.
So here is an illustration that we did in our "Body Image" unit of Physiology, meant to hopefully show what insults do to someone.

The Crumpled Man.

Here is you. You are a beautiful person, inside and out.
You are flawless, your soul is unharmed, and you are content with yourself.

But what happens after someone carelessly drops an insult? What happens after someone tells you to your face that you are not good enough?

Each of those comments puts a crinkle in you. Each of those blows crumple your confidence, cripple you, make it so that you are ashamed to show yourself.
You are broken.

Everyone has these scars. But it's up to each individual to flatten out those crumples, to try and scratch out those insults.
You will always have the marks and they will always be with you, no matter how confident you are at a point in your life- but who are we to hurt you?
Who are we to write on your perfect self, to scar you?

We have no right to do that.
Haters, don't hate.


Harani said...

I liked this activity.

Kell said...

Allison, I love this and I love you. You are wise beyond your years. I've never understood why people throw around insults like they do. Words are a lot more powerful than people give them credit to be!

Alexandria said...

You have such a warm and open heart. I adore you. Honestly you are so wise for your age.

Basically I feel like I should be asking YOU for advice! You are amazing! No crinkles.


Karina F. said...

This activity was incredible. I love Ms. Smith!

Definitely a conversation that everybody should have.

I love you!

ab said...

that was beautiful

Mar said...

You really gave everyone (not only the haters) something to think about.


Alyssa said...

Thanks so much for this! I'm not dealing with haters but this is definitely something good to think about every day.