Friday, September 3, 2010

Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle

I'd like to start this post about by saying how much it STINKS to be allergic to animals. Even more so that I didn't use to be.
It just started out one day that I got really sneezy and watery-eyed around cats, so I figured that I was allergic to them. Now, apparently, I may be allergic to dogs, too.
Of course, this doesn't stop me from playing with animals, but REALLY? I love animals, and to not be able to hold them is just silly.

And I was really upset, until...


Yes, the idea of hedgehogs might be foreign to some people, and it definitely was to me just a few weeks ago, but I never realized people actually kept them as pets.


I did some research, and found out that hedgehogs actually like humans if they're brought up around them, and that they're DARN cute!


They don't even grow up to be that big, as seen in the picture above. You can fit a grown hedgehog in your hands with no problem, and since they're used to you- no spikes!


Maybe it's kind of silly, but I'm starting to get really attached to these little creatures...


ESPECIALLY when I see pictures like this!

This is probably just wishful thinking, but say I
did get one...
what should I name it??


Shannon said...

One of my friends growing up had one! I have to admit he was very cute, his name? Sonic of course!

Emily Sue said...

herbie!!!! so precious!

Sarah with an "h" said...

Oh. My. Goodness! I want one! They're so cute. They're ridiculously adorable. You should totally get one. :D I don't know what you should name it, though. Perhaps when you get one the name will just come to you. :P


Kell said...

OH my sweet goodness! These are the cutest things I have ever seen.. and I would so own one.

Kate Weber said...

We had a couple growing up. I loved them. But if you get a male and a female and they have babies, you have to separate the Male from the rest or he'll start pulling a cannibal act. It's not pleasant. LOVE the suckers, but just warning you if that should happen.

Kate Weber said...

Oh. We named ours Porkles and Porklet. :P

Savanah said...

Sir Quillberg.

Get it? GET IT? Quillberg?!

Y'know... since they have quills / spikes?

Ah, forget it. All I know is, when you get one, get him a monocle, and a top hat.

:) Please.

Christina said...

I don't want to burst your happy bubble but hedgehogs are illegal in California :[ Even if you decided to ignore that fact, 99% of breeders wouldn't even sell/ship one to you since you live here and you'd have to drive out of state and lie about where you live and it would be a massive pain in the ass. and THEN even if you did get one, who knows what vet would even care for them.

When my boyfriend said we weren't going to get a kitten and I had given up hope, I totally was looking into hedgehogs too and they seem so great and adorable (I literally just had a dream I had one as a pet last night, I'm not even kidding). I even started looking at breeders and even EMAILED one and I found out all the bad news. Apparently California doesn't ever plan on legalizing them either.

Its really crappy. Sorry to break the news to you!

Allison said...

Christina- AW MAN!! Are you serious?? Huh, I'm silly. I read all those sites about taking care of them, and how they were legal in such-and-such place, and I just assumed they were legal in California. I mean, it's CALIFORNIA. DARNIT! Well, thank you for the news.... maybe I'll just stick to teddy bears. Haha.

Abbey said...

I was going to say Harold, but then I read Christina's comment. That's just depressing.

Bri said...

oh my goodness these photos are beyond adorable!!!

Vanessa said...

They are the cutest thing ever. & I love that the title to this is Mrs. Tiggy Winkle. I grew up on Beatrix Potter! <3

samnhal said...

Did someone say sonic? Sonic made the hedgehog cool! haha. They totally are cute. Now I want one, but fat chance of convincing my husband to get one. I'm sad for you that you're allergic to animals. Animals make me so happy.

Ivy said...

My grandmother liked hedgehogs and she passed that to me.
They are super cute and are popular is Europe more so than here (I think).
You should get one. I can't resist thinking I would call him "Hedgey" and her "Little Miss".
Those were the first two names that came to mind (I didn't read above....I may be redundant on the Hedgey one)


Justice Pirate said...

we used to sell hedgehogs at the pet store where I worked. soooo cute

Mandy Berlin said...

Love your hedgehogs.. thanks for sharing them with us.

Have a beautiful day!

Mandy Berlin

ps - I have a hedgehog story in my blog too ;).