Saturday, September 25, 2010

The One in Which Darian is Sneaky.

We all need a little bit more Darian in our lives...
like that time when he thought caterpillar ended in an "eir" or that time when he wore a dirty helmet that we found on the ground... sigh.
Good times.

Well, I have another Darian story for us.

This is Darian.
Darian appears to be wearing completely normal clothes while biking to school: a t-shirt, jeans, possibly a long sleeved shirt underneath the t-shirt so that it doesn't get too cold biking at 7:00 in the morning.

This is Darian.
He, apparently, doesn't know what a long sleeved t-shirt is.
Because although he has the appearance of wearing something completely normal, his undershirt is in fact, just sleeves.

Sneaky, Darian, sneaky!

PS: I find these sleeves absolutely hilarious and laugh every time I see his arm showing. Maybe if they were gloves I'd understand... but they're just tubes of cloth! Practical, maybe, but very funny.

PPS: I stole a little FRIENDS copyrighted goodness on the title there. Good stuff, FRIENDS is.


Anonymous said...

What a sneak! NEW TREND! haha where does he get those?

Karm said...

haha that is awesome... haha

samnhal said...

Leg warmers for your arms? I never new such a thing existed. You should ask if they're really leg warmers.

Justice Pirate said...

looks like fun. I used to wear arm warmers in high school