Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seniors Are What? Dynamite!

"Seniors are what? Dynamite!
Seniors are what? Dynamite!
Seniors are tick, tick, tick, tick- BOOM! DYNAMITE!"

Powderpuff this year was essentially the most awesome Powderpuff of all.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm finally a senior, or maybe it's just 'cause my class rocked....
But it was awesome.
Powderpuff, for those of you who aren't familiar with the term, is a class vs. class football game that high schools do for fun, with the girls playing and the guys cheering.
As you can imagine, it's extremely fun to watch-
especially the cheering part.

To start out with, the stands were PACKED. Everyone and their mother (well, not really their mother, because it was during lunch) was in the stands, cheering their hearts out for their favorite team.
We were all decked out in Purple and Gold (the school's colors, and the senior's colors- the freshmen were pink) and there was this great buzz of energy- Seniors vs. Freshmen!

Poor freshmen, I mean, it's hard enough to be the first year, but to have to go against the seniors? When you don't even know what's coming? Sad.

Our guys pulled the big moves- kick lines....

... throws in the air, amazing dancing.... the freshmen didn't stand a chance.

We won the game a whopping 21 - 0.

I was pretty ecstatic, as you might be able to tell by my crazed grin.
And why is my second thumb up, too? I don't even understand myself sometimes...


Apparently I don't even look like a senior. I was at the bike racks, minding my own business, when I heard a sophomore talking about how "the seniors whupped the freshmen" at the Powderpuff game. I was feeling generous, so I interrupted, and the following conversation ensued.
Allison: Don't be mean, it's their first year!
Sophomore Boy: Whatever, even WE were better than that. The seniors are just awesome.
Allison: Darn right we are!
Sophomore: Wait, you think you're a senior?
Allison: Um... I am one.
Sophomore: There's no way you're a senior.
Allison: What are you talking about? That guy (pointing at another senior) can vouch for me!
Sophomore: Okay, look. I don't even know you and I know you're not one.
Allison: (jaw drops, wheels bike away)

Well, you look like an EIGHTH grader, mister "Sophomore"! Take that!


Kell said...

I'm always told I could still pass for a high schooler, and I've been graduated for 3 years. I'm right there with ya girl.

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

i sorta miss high school...not in a "those were the best days of my life" way. Just in "we a pretty darn good time" kinda way! Funny story, Allison!!

Diana said...

Oh wow, i can't really relate to this on any level except that I was a senior eleven years ago :)

Abbey said...

Everyone at my school thinks I'm a freshmen.

I am most definately a senior.

Sam said...

I loved Powedpuff games! But ours were held at night and they were Junior vs. Senior.

Don't worry about looking younger; that's a good thing! I've gotten carded for an R-rated movie and I'll be 23 next month.. at least that means we'll look good when we're really old, like 40! :)

Allison said...

Yes, Sam, Abbey & Kell- we will! When we're 50, we'll go to our High School Reunions and everyone will be wrinkly... but not us! Haha.