Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Snakes... I Hate Snakes."

In my town, we have the regular movie theaters like AMC, Spotlight Cinemas, and whatnot, and then we have the RETRO DOME.
I think it was made a while ago back when domed theaters were all the rage, but it didn't really attract that much attention in these modern times... so they revamped it in garish orange and blue and dubbed it "THE RETRO DOME". I'd never been there before today, but my youth group went to go see a double feature of Indiana Jones for split price, and opportunity struck!

I wasn't a huge fan of the colors on the outside, but I decided to give the theater a break and just enjoy myself with my friends... and enjoy I did. Lemme just say, two movies back to back is DIFFICULT. Especially when it's Indiana Jones.
(Not that I dislike Indie, it's just a lot to have packed into 4 hours. And it's four hours!!)

I think the theater design just grew on me. I mean, the colors were bright. There were lime greens and purples and oranges- it was a lot to take in.

Then there were the comfy chairs around the lobby, the lava lamps in strategic places on counters, and the lovely bulb-chandeliers.

Man, that thing is attractive.

Then there were the restrooms- BRIGHT PINK.
Not even bubble gum pink, it was straight-off-the-bottle Pepto-bismol pink.

Vintage posters everywhere.

And more everywhere-ness.

The theater itself was surprisingly big for how small the dome looked from the outside, but I just loved the whole vibe with the colored bulbs on the side and draped curtains around the screen.
It took a while, but I really warmed up to the decor. Really really.

Oh, and the movies were okay too. In case you were wondering.


Christina said...

That is so cool! Heeeh I love Indiana Jones. Thats what we named our cat after lol. Where the hell is that theater?? Did they redo the century theaters by the winchester mystery house? Or is it the one over by AMC 14?

Allison said...

It's the one by the Westgate Shopping Center that used to be light pink and gray? It's right at the big intersection.

Christina said...

Yeah, thats what I meant by the one near AMC 14 hehe. I've only been there once to see Napoleon Dynamite. Thats really cool that they're doing old movies there now. I'm going to have to go next time I'm down!

Anonymous said...

oh your right, the cinema is a bit of a sickly explosion of smarties thrown over the walls, too much colour makes it look very tacky.

Glad you enjoyed the movie anyway!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is really neat! That was very smart of the theater to realize: Hey, we're old. Let's be cute about it.

Abbey said...

LOVE Indiana jones! Temple of Doom kind of creeps me out though.

samnhal said...

We had the coolest dome theatre here, and they wanted to tear it down. People freaked, and now it's a rug shop. BOO. I like double movies, but probably not double the same movie, or sequels. They used to do that here at the dollar theatre, but it would be two totally different movies. That was awesome. They do it at the drive in too.

Allison said...

Drive-ins?? I wish we had those.

KatOfDiamonds said...

DUDE. So cool.
[I am a theatre and theater geek. I work at Cinemark and volunteer for the Denver Center]