Friday, September 10, 2010

YOU Can Make a Masterpiece!

But just warning you... it's really hard.
And here's the evidence:

I'm usually a pretty artistic, creative person- so this is probably saying something. Also, it's just really hard to make things out of sand, which is why this lady is so... unappealing.

In order to make myself feel a little bit better about the picture, I've told myself that she kind of sort of looks like the dripping matchmaker from Mulan.

See the resemblance?? No?
That's okay.

Anyways, my whole point of this post was to introduce this site:
It's pretty much like playing with those colored sand bottled things that we all did in elementary school, except BETTER, because you can choose your colors and design things, and we're older and more experienced!
All you have to do is click on the little square on the top left corner, and it tells you how to start!

And if you're afraid you're pictures will turn out like mine, take heart. Some people with WAY too much time on their hands made these:

Crazy, right?

My personal favorite.

So, try it out! It's super fun, and I'd LOVE to see your masterpieces!
(So post those gallery links below!)


Anonymous said...

OK, having tried this out, how in the world did these people make Mario / the detailed blue person??? HOW?

I made a lame volcano but it is so much fun. Takes a little patience. I'd imagine a lot of patience if you're actually good at it.

Props to you for making a face! That is intermediate level. Go Allison!

Oh and I saw the gradient thing. Amazing!