Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bad Boys Donate Blood.

So apparently October is the time for donating blood, because the posters are back up at our school. Yes. At first I was a little apprehensive- I mean, last year's posters were pretty gory- but now I'm just a little confused.
And I'm assuming the theme for the drive is "bad boys"... at least that's what I'm going to infer from these posters:

Is this really true? Are we going to insinuate that bad boys are the ones to donate blood?

I was especially confused at this one.
Are they waiting at the drive to prey on young, unsuspecting "good" girls? Are they actually donating blood? Are they going to steal the blood or something?
And most importantly- if I can truly find myself a greaser at this drive, please direct me there right away... kaythanks.

I'm also going to assume that this is for the ladies. Because no self-respecting man is going to go to a blood drive to meet his fictional enemy in the flesh.
Haha, I think my favorite part is that the poster doesn't say "Edward Cullen wants you to donate", no, it's way more direct. Edward wants YOU.
(And your blood, I'm assuming.)

Last but certainly not least-
What IN THE WORLD is this supposed to be?
Um, was I not well informed by this drive, which is in actuality a KISSING BOOTH?
Okay then.

What would YOU do to get people to donate blood?
Me? Just tell me there are cookies and I'll be there. Seriously.


Kell said...

Those are...interesting posters. Ha.

Candice said...

Hahahah this is so great! I love your commentary on each of the posters..what a random theme they have going! Thanks for continuing to make me smile, Allison.

Connie said...

Haha! I'm with you I'll take cookies (;
I hope if I ever need a blood transfusion I'm not getting some "bad boy" greaser's blood. Never know where he's been. haha

Jessica said...

That last one confuses me... are they trading kisses for blood? Creeeepy. Hahaha

becca. said...

Those posters are ridiculously confusing! I would have no idea what to expect. Haha.

Karm said...

hahaha that is soo funny! very creative though.. haha i would say donate to save lives and get all statistical on my posters haha not that anyone would stand there to read it... but yes, cookies will do it too lol

angelina la dawn said...

um...weird. my husband used to work for the red cross but i don't think he ever would have been part of such a strange campaign. although it did seem to catch some eyes! so mission accomplished?

Haylee said...

hahah funny, I'm confused as well. The last one kind of creeps me out, it's like are you inferring that you want to kiss my blood or something?
It makes me wonder how many people showed up to the blood drive. :) haha

emilia. said...

these signs are adorable! love it. a bit confusing but funny. :)

Sri said...

Hii Allison! Haha actually the theme for blood drive this year is "Daredevils." But your posts on the MV Blood Drive are really interesting to read :)

Kayla said...

I love your shirt in the last picture!! Ah, where did you get it?!

Justice Pirate said...

kissing booths kinda freak me out and make me sad. . .that's just personal to me, not something to be a bribe to get something.

brandy said...

Okay, I'm confused too.

I have such a phobia of getting my blood drawn that I'm kinda the wrong person to ask. But cookies can get most people to do about anything :)

ps....Happy Birthday!!