Monday, October 18, 2010

Meet My New Love, Sam.

Yes, I've been a slacker blogger for a bit... all I can say is that life is majorly in the way.
And by life, I mean school. I'm currently reading both Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights for my AP Literature class, finished a 7 page essay on My Antonia, and had a Calculus and French test on the same day- not to mention the looming college apps.
Oh, and trying to have a social life? Yeah. Kind of hard.

It's just- busy.

This Monday Melody is brought to you by the (kind of) famous Sam Tsui, a Youtube phenomenon who is an AMAZING singer and has some great covers out there- Love the Way You Lie Mashup (my personal favorite), For Good (from Wicked- makes me cry every time.)
Oh, and did I mention he's going to be in a movie?

This song is one that he wrote himself, and has an extremely cliche- but so adorable- video.
I'm in love!

"Don't Want an Ending"

You're swooning too? Yeah, I thought so.


Neha said...

i definitely love sam tsui <3
what movie is he going to be in?

Celeste said...

I just saw a video of him singing a Dynamite/Teenage Dream/ Love the Way You Lie mash up and he was so good!

jennifer michelle said...

i love his cover of "king of anything"

wuthering heights = win.

ap just sucks, but i survived, and you will too! :)

Hannahkin said...

woah! you can have Sam if i get Kurt... i'm assuming he's the other guy in the mash up and King Of Anything?! aaaaah. SO. IN. LOVE.

and that video is pretty much adorable. aaah.

Zaira Mabel said...

oh just love it! thanks for sharing!

Abigail Jasmine said...

hehe..swoon indeed!

Sarah said...

Yes most definitely swooning....
Wearing It On My Sleeves

samnhal said...

It doesn't seem like his voice belongs to him. Oh, and this post wasn't about me? What the heck? ;)