Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh, the Joys of Birthdays.

Birthdays are like holidays.
They only come once a year (or twice if you're Chuck Norris, as a friend tells me) and are filled with fun and games.
Minus the games, because it was on Wednesday, a school day. And minus half the fun, because I had to stay up until 12:00 finishing my homework.

But it was still epic.

I was sash-ed "the Birthday Girl" for the day by Mahsa (the beauty in the purple shirt with yellow writing) and felt very regal as people turned their heads to stare at my queenly presence.
I enjoyed wonderful cupcakes and a cake baked for me by some great friends, and in all just felt loved.
(Not to mention, this was my first "Facebook birthday". Who knew I knew that many people?)

However, Lawrence Tech University has to take the prize for most awesome present.
First of all, it's a college- and it knew my birthday!
No, I wasn't considering applying, and yes, they got my e-mail and birth date off of the PSAT... but it was still cool.

I "clicked here" for my special birthday message, and out popped a little hamster on a new tab.

That's cute, I though to myself.
I don't really get why it's a hamster, but it's adorable! And pink!

And then, out of the corner of my eye, I spied a random creepy face poking out at me. And it loomed into the shot.
WHAT IS IT? I thought, frantically.

Um.. this is just scary.
Where did the hamster go?
Did the scary man kill him? Why is he creeping on me??

And thus, Lawrence Tech University gave me a birthday that I will never forget. Go Blue Devils!


jennifer michelle said...

oooh! happy belated birthday! mine's the day before yours! we're almost birthday buddies, hooray! hahaha :)

Sam said...

happy birthday!

and omg. that is just creepy! i would have screamed. and then thought my computer was being hacked. hah!

Karm said...

haha that is hilarious. but happy belated birthday allison... and why aren't we fb friends? lol jk hope ur day way amazing!

Abigail Jasmine said...

Happy Birthday!
God is good!

Love love!

Haylee said...

haha love the Lawrence Tech birthday card. I'm jealous of you for having a birthday in the school year. How fun to go around with a birthday sash!
Hope you had an incredible birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy (late) Birthday from the other side of the world :)
I've been reading your blog since a few months now and let me tell you it's always a great inspiration!
greetings from Austria :)

Justice Pirate said...

haha. oh my. i love how you always make me laugh so much when I look at your blog.

Lauren said...

Happy birthday, Allison!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I'm having fun catching up with yours in the archives! :)

Kayla said...

Haha, that's the lamest slash funniest birthday card ever! Does that card make you want to go to their college?!

samnhal said...

OMG, I was going to say maybe that devil guy is their mascot totally as a joke. LOL! Are they for real the blue devils? haha, that just made my day. Oh, and happy late birthday!

Nancy Face said...

I'm so glad you had a great birthday! I love the picture of you with your friends!

Okay...that birthday message is the creepiest thing ever! It's also completely awesomespice, too! :D

Anonymous said...

Okay. CREEPY!!!!!

Happy Birthday girl! :D :D I'm late on my comment but I hope you're having a great time being one year older and wiser. Besides this CREEPSVILLE hampster thing hahaha :D