Friday, October 22, 2010

The Rocky Horror Glee Show.

So I should probably say first that I've never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show... and that maybe makes me sound like a weirdo for wanting Glee to do it so badly, but really, this post is about TRADITION.
You see, last summer (The summer before this summer, just in case that wasn't completely clear. I know that I get confused when people say "last __" because you never know exactly, and... and this was a rant.) I went on a tour with my orchestra to New York. On that tour, we went on a dinner cruise that had dancing, which was good and fun and all, but I realized that our generation
has no dances.
You see, they were playing older songs like Thriller and Time Warp and all the "older people" were getting up and doing the move-by-move that they had learned when they were kids! And it made me think- we have nothing like that. We have no specific dance that everyone knows that is special for our generation-
what are our kids going to laugh at us about??

So the reason I love that Glee is doing a remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is because it's an important piece of culture that we are MISSING OUT on. We have no "Time Warp", and it's really pathetic when I dance to it by myself and no one gets the reference!

... and here's Glee's version of Time Warp- it's catchy, fun, and just a great song to dance to. (If you're creeped out by the beginning, skip to 0:23)
Want to see the original? Find it HERE.

I mean, don't you want something that brings your whole generation together?
Sorry, but I'm not really proud of being tied together by "Soulja Boy".

PS: if you're still having doubts about this Halloween episode, can I just say that Finn's playing Brad Majors?

I thought that would convince you!


amanda leeann said...

I am so very sad that our generation has no dances too! I long to be able to swingdance, and jitterbug, and heck, I would love to be able to ballroom dance - but where do we learn? In gym class we play dodgeball. Hello, how is that even relevant to anything?!

I've seen Rocky Horror - it's weird, and makes absolutely no sense WHATSOEVER, but it's iconic. I love the Time Warp! I wish more people knew what the heck I was talking about!

PS: Finn in those glasses seals any deal for me ;)

Elysie Piecie said...

I love Rocky Horrow, but I agree with Amanda makes no sense. I'm kind of a sad that there is no Dr. Frankenfurter. I can't wait for this episode. I also totally agree...Finn in those glasses is so stinkin' yummy!

Emily Sue said...

three words: quinn is hott! seriously, she is unreal in this, as is kurt!

KatOfDiamonds said...

Booo to no Fankenfurter!!!

I love RHPS. My uni did the stage show a few years back and our Rocky (tho very much gay) was very much HOTT!! [And talented, he graduated and went in the West Side Story cast that moved to Broadway and is now in another revival in Toronto that is moving to Broadway too!!! Color me jealous!!]

I'm sad because I'll be at work. Boo.

...And don't you guys have that one Rightx4, Leftx4, Kickx4, Walkin by yo self Song or whateve? Ha! I wouldn't want to claim that one either...

Sam said...

I can't wait for this episode! I've watched this video so many times, already purchased the cd and am ready to see it on tv! :D

Karm said...

i haven't watch the rocky horror show either, but I youtubed it and am super excited to watch Glee perform it... I just recently started watching Glee haha

Justice Pirate said...

Hate that movie but that was a really good job. I hate how they have this whole sex-appeal on that show when they are playing high schoolers. :: sigh ::

Kell said...

Hehe I was reading this and trying to think of a dance that we have.. first thing that came to my mind was the 'Soulja boy' dance (which I can't stand!!) But you're right! Just watch that Evolution of Dance video and we really have no specific dance for our generation :(

Anonymous said...

That was insanely different! Very strange. I've never seen Rocky Horror before... so I was completely caught off guard. lol!

OK your facebook gleek pic is adorbs! lol for real. Cute sweater. I now need a gleek pic.

Briana said...

Gosh what a high spirited number! Watching Glee makes me so happy teehee :3

And I completely agree with you, if only we had some iconic thing to reminisce about when we're old... sigh.

I started a new art blog, and I'm wondering if you'd be interested in trading buttons. I'm trying to build up a following. Let me know! :)


samnhal said...

Our generation is missing out on a lot, a lot of originality, I think. i don't really watch Glee, but I've seen it a few times. I haven't seen the rocky horror picture show either, but the video of glee doing time warp was cool.