Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh, Family!

I absolutely love Thanksgiving.
It's the time of the year when my cousins (who we don't see too often) come up and we all gather at my Grandpa's house for food and fun! We are kind of a stereotypical group:

We have the girls, posing for pictures, and the guys... one of whom is smiling (Go, Mathew!), one of whom is blurred because he moved his head at the last minute (Nick), and one of whom is blatantly not smiling for the camera (Patrick). Oh, boys.

The other fun part about Thanksgiving is the gingerbread houses, remember?

For the girls, it was a huge ordeal- perfect lines of icing, the right colors of candy for each window, door, and shingle!

For the little ones, it was more about ingesting candy. And LOTS of it.
(I can say without hesitation that Lilly ate more than one tube of icing- and the green around her face and hands proves it!)

The finished products:

Mostly all cheerful, except for Patrick who had some sort of massacre on his house (the second closest to the camera), I believe he named it "The Silence of the Gingerbread Men".
Creative one, he is!

And the obligatory posing smiling with the completed houses:

What traditions do you have for the holiday season?


Brooke said...

we make christmas cookies every year! SO YUMMY and Cinnamon rolls on the morning of christmas :) I love your gingerbread houses. They are all so unique and everyone seems really talented!

Kell said...

"The Silence of the Gingerbread Men"
Uh.. brilliant!

I stink at making gingerbread houses.. but I adore yours!

lindsay said...

what a lovely family you have! and it sounds like you guys had a great time.

i am sad to say i have never made a gingerbread house...i really think i need to change this because they are so absolutely adorable and two i really would love to inhale the candy while i make it :)

Candice said...

Allison this is such a cute post! It looks like such a fun time..I always enjoy making the obligatory gingerbread house for Christmas!

amanda leeann said...

"The Silence of the Gingerbread Men" is the best thing I've heard all day.

We don't have a whole lot of traditions. We just watch our favorite Christmas movies, and we always open presents Christmas Eve night :) It's cozy.

Anonymous said...

Silence of the Gingerbread Men! LOLZ! so funny
I'm giggling up a storm over here.

I remember that you do this Allison!
That means I've been reading your blog for a long time. (Over a year!) Ahh. :)

I'm really impressed with the gingerbread houses :D

kylee said...

oh my cuuuute! my friends and i are planning on getting together in a couple of weeks to have a date night gingerbread house contest and seeing this got me so excited!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

This made me smile. :) those gingerbread houses look beautiful! Ive never made one before but I want to this year!
Your family is beautiful. :)
We actually dont really have any holiday traditions. haha. Thats kind of depressing come to think of it...ha. :D

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

katrina said...

ohh looks so fun i think i need to make a gingerbread house now.

Grace said...

We like to drive around for hours and look at the pretty decorated houses. :)

I totally love those Gingerbread houses. So cute!

the solar flare said...

beautifull post :D i'm new on blogger :D if you want to follow me i'll follow you back :D xoxo

-Sam I Am- said...

how creative!!! seriously, wow :) so stinkin' awesome.

And what great pics! They made me smile :)

Karm said...

that is so adorable Allison. I need to make a gingerbread house with the boys soon. The houses are so cute and adorable. I am glad you and your family had a lot of fun.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

aww i remember last year you had a similar entry like this. very pretty houses. yey for your cute family.

Sarah Ann said...

Those gingerbread houses are wonderful! Love them!
And love your blog! So sweet!!

Sam said...

This looks like so much fun! What great traditions you have :)

vintch said...

so cute! your gingerbread houses turn out MUCH better than mine ever do:) LOVE IT!

I just found your lovely blog and am enjoying reading through your past posts! i'm an excited new follower!

Sunny & Star said...

Beautiful pictures. Your ginger bread houses look amazing. Ours never turn out nearly that well.

We are having a little giveaway over on our blog. I hope you can jump over and check it out. ☺

Lauren said...

You are so beautiful!

And of course your gingerbread house is PERFECT!

samnhal said...

I love that she has frosting all over her face, even though that stuff that comes in the packages is so nasty, old and hard. We have done this on Christmas Eve before, which was a lot of fun. Maybe we'll do it again this year.