Monday, December 27, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

But if you decide to stay, I guess I'll just whip out my handy-dandy umbrella hat.

It's not mine, actually, but I find it amazing all the same!

I mean, seriously. What else provides the same utility as an umbrella that you don't have to hold?

And best of all, it didn't even mess up Ab's hair when he took it off!

Really guys, this thing is priceless.
(And I'm sure the looks you get when you wear it are, too.)

What do you do for the rain?
Do you run for cover in a cute pair of rainboots? Splash about in puddles?
OR- do you actually own one of these umbrella-hats?


Shalyn said...

That is too funny! Considering it never rains in AZ....I do nothing, but if it did rain I would definitely dance in it and jump in the glorious puddles it makes! Naturally...

FJ said...

Oh my, that umbrella hat! Usually in my town, people using that are the farmers...since they have no hands to carry their umbrellas. I think it's very convenient too~ except that it might mess up my hair. :D

Karm said...

haha that is funny.. I have been looking for this for awhile (: but I run threw the rain (:

lindsay said...

hmmm i can't say that i own one of these fabulous hats...but, i can say it does rain a bit here in lincoln, ne. usually i don't get to enjoy it because it is in the mornings when i am trying to walk in the door for work...then it is a little annoying.

anytime else i adore the rain. we have a tin roof hanging over our deck and i love sitting back there listening to it drop...pretty music if you ask me. i also like to skip in the rain...when no one is looking of course :)


vintch said...

LOVE THIS! how practical, whimsical and fun:) did i mention colorful? because it is! so cute.

Mar said...

That umbrella is awesome!
I usually just put my hood on. Or not. Depends on whether I'm going somewhere or going home.

Victoria said...

It's raining here in Boise too! I opened up my umbrella and it was instantly blown out by the wind... super depressing. Good thing I was wearing a hat!

p.s. The best mint brownies are made with Andes mints in them. You can probably find a bag of them next to the chocolate chips at the grocery store. We used cream cheese frosting on top and then crushed up candy canes went on top of that! Delicious!

liz city said...

I usually am unprepared for rain and then run / get wet running in it.

Haha, umbrella hat!

Oh wait, actually I have a little pale pink polka dotted rain hat! It's shiny and doesn't absorb water :) if I remember to bring it with me