Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yes, It's Really Me.

Gosh, I haven't done this in so long it feels a little foreign.
It's been over two months, by my count, and even before that it was pretty sparse.
Well, I have a New Year's resolution about this blog, we'll just see how it goes.

So, I guess- hello?
It's good to be back.

And might I just say, I hope you all had the most wonderful Christmas. I know I did!
If you don't celebrate Christmas, well, I hope you enjoyed your holiday time (if you have one) or just had some fun during your school/work break!

One of my favorite holiday traditions is baking cookies, and even though the 25th is over, I'm still loving our homemade sweets.

We just have plates of the stuff!
Chocolate Andes Mint cookies, Chocolate Chip cookies, Mexican Wedding cookies (my mom's project), Peanut Butter Kiss cookies...
I think I'm more in danger of the Christmas 15 than the Freshman 15!

They're just so beautiful and soft and yummy... who can resist?
My flab could sure vouch for me that I can't resist at all!

My absolute favorite of all is the Chocolate Andes Mint cookies, though.
They come out of the oven all piping hot, and are each quickly covered with an Andes mint that melts until it can be spread in creamy goodness all over the cookie.
My mouth is watering just thinking about it...

Oh, and yes, we keep our tree.
Until mid-January. Or late January.
Or really, whenever we can bother to do it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My 15 Minutes (Err.. Two Seconds) of Fame.

Some of you may already know (as I ecstatically texted around when it happened), but two Fridays ago, I got to be an extra (sorry, "background artist") on Modern Family.
You see, they started filming at UCLA at noon, right when I was walking back from class to the dorms, and I happened to pass the sign for "Extras Check-in". Being the curious person I am, I followed the arrows towards a covered tent, filled out a few forms (after figuring out what was happening) and I was in!

We filmed 3 scenes for about 6 hours (thankfully I had finished all my classes for the day)- and we even got bussed to a frat house for Haley's "party"!

We started out just chilling in the grass, waiting for Ty Burrell, Sarah Hyland, and the crew to show up for the scene.
The cheerleaders (and the football players) were the only extras who got costumed- thankfully, I passed by the wardrobe artist without having to change a thing of my "college outfit".

As we were waiting, UCLA was transformed into Bulldog territory before our eyes...

And then Ty Burrell (decked out in Bullfrog-sorry-dog gear) showed up on set!

The first scene we filmed was Phil running through the cheerleaders.
I was in a group of students sitting in a circle behind the cheer team, studying and chatting.
(Although we weren't actually allowed to make noises because the mics picked up everything.)

And... that's what you can see of me in that scene.
I was wearing a scarf on my head that day; I assumed before I watched the scene that it would be pretty easy to see where I was. Well, the only reason I can pick out myself is because I remember where I was in relation to the scene.

The second scene we filmed (although it was the opening shot of the episode) was in front of the Glorya Kaufman Center, aka, the Bulldog's library.

I was a student late to class, walking quickly from the library to wherever I needed to be.

And oh, a quick shot of me and my backpack right as the camera zoomed in (and I walked out).

The final scene we shot was at the frat house we were bussed out to, "Pi Chi", as the show called it.
This was probably the most time consuming scene because we had to have an entire party in silence to allow for the dialogue to be heard. All the music was added in post-production.

And alas, the only part of me visible is my back.
But at least I was right next to Phil?

I'm not gonna lie, I was expecting the episode to be a little different, but it was seriously one of the funnest (and most informative) experiences of my life.
Ty Burrell was such an inspiration- he improvised so many of those funny lines we love, and in between each take, he would take the time to talk with all the extras.
When else could I have had the opportunity to chat about dorky dancing with such a hilarious actor?

The other reason that I enjoyed this so much is because the show means quite a bit to me now. It was something I watched with my family every week, and now in college, we still discuss via Skype. I called my mom right after I got in (and once before for her help in filling out the form), and we spent our Skype date that night dissecting all the reactions of the actors and everything I did.

I miss my family a bunch, but this was something exciting I could tell them about my time in college.
Make that "LA Moment" number 3.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Always Wanted a Pet...

... and now I have three!
Sort of.

You see, the Westwood Farmer's Market came to UCLA today, offering fruits and baked goods and snacks and botanical pretties.
I had just gotten out of class, it was 96 degrees outside (No lie! And in October!) and all I really wanted to do was walk the quarter of a mile back to my dorm, crank up the AC, and take a break.

But really, who can do that when the calls of the vendors are swirling in the air, people are gathering around stalls and walking away with bags of goodies, and there's the promise of a good bargain waiting for you?

Only problem: I didn't have my wallet.
So I ran back to my dorm, grabbed my wallet, ran back to the market (sweating buckets, mind you) and shopped.

The one stand that really caught my eye was the succulents.
I had been planning for a while to get a plant for my dorm room, and these ones were just gorgeous (and so well priced!) that I had to give in.

So, meet my new pets: (from left, clockwise) Lenny, Penny, and Gertrude.
Lenny, short for Leonore, Penny, short for Penelope, and Gertrude.

I like to think that I'm a pretty responsible owner!
(But thank goodness I only have to water them once every 10 days!)

Do you have any pets?
(Or any "pets"?)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Not Your Typical Saturday Night!

As my 18th birthday is coming up (on the 20th!), my aunt gave me a spectacular present- a limo ride and dinner at The Crustacean in Beverly Hills.
(Get ready for a picture overload!)

My roommates, friends, and I got all gussied up and had a blast!
Just warning- there will be no shortage of exclamation points in this post... brace yourself.

Goofy faces in the limo before dinner.

Alexa and me.
It kind of looks like I'm holding her in place... but I'm really just attempting to hug her or something.

Toasting my adulthood with the classiest drink of all- water!

The view out of the limo at sunset (on Sunset Boulevard).

At our destination!

First glimpse of the restaurant as you walk in...

... with a real, live, Koi pond under foot!

The girls!

Mouthwatering dishes.
No lie, I'm drooling a bit just looking at the pictures.

A picture with my wonderful aunt and uncle- what a lovely night out!

Blowing the candle out of my birthday dish!

And a completely random shot Joanna took of me while we were walking back to the limo- the exposure wacked out and we ended up with a crazy exorcist picture!
What a way to end the evening!
We spent the next hour or so in the limo, cruising around Hollywood and watching the tourists streaming around the Kodak Theatre and Madame Tussaud's.
Maybe it was the full, satisfied stomach, or the long week before, but I basically fell asleep in the car ride back. Who knew limos could be so soothing?

Coming soon... I have an exciting "LA Story" coming up. This may or may not have to do with this article and an episode coming to your televisions on October 19th...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Discovery of the Week!

I'm a little embarrassed to say that I had never checked out iTunes' free music until this week.
Because, like, oh my goodness, the music is good.
And it's free.

My favorite band this week, who (I'm not gonna lie) looks kind of frightening in its press pictures, is The Dear Hunter.

Their song, "She's Always Singing (Yellow)", from their upcoming album, The Color Spectrum, has such an amazing variety of instrumentals, and (like most the songs I post) has an extremely danceable beat!

There's even a bit of maraca shaking, and my favorite, nonsensical harmonizing!

And, just because it was also free and amazing, make sure to check out Elizaveta's Dreamer!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Free Works For Me!

Today as I was walking out of my Linguistics class, I spotted a tent in the middle of campus swarming with girls.
"I'm a girl," I thought to myself, "Should I, too, be milling about that attraction?"
Somewhat warily, I walked over.

And I was in.
Turns out, Seventeen and Cosmopolitan magazines had paired with Mary Kay cosmetics to give UCLA students some free goodies and makeovers!

Being the non-makeup wearer I am, I asked very nicely for the "most natural look" they could possibly give me. No, not the blue eyeliner or the smokey eyes.
It was only 11:00 in the morning!

I like to think it turned out pretty well.
Nothing gaudy at all, just a bit of daytime glam to get me through the rest of my classes!

Oh, and addition to that makeover, the ladies at the counter gave each girl a generous goody bag- consisting of over $50 in Mary Kay merchandise!
(Including an eyelash curler, "Lash Love" mascara, eye gel, makeup remover, hand cream, and moisturizer!)

The clutch that everything came in was pretty cute, too!

Boy, sometimes it pays off to go to a large school in LA!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just Because We're In College...

... doesn't mean we can't act like kids every once in a while!
And what better way to let out our inner-child than to roll down a couple of hills?

I guess it really started when we were walking down The Hill (where all the UCLA dorms are) towards Westwood, and the guy in front of us- completely obliviously, I'm assuming- was singing along to his iPod rather loudly.
In fact, so much so that I took a picture of him and put him on this blog.
Good job, singer walking boy.

Anyways, on our walk back, we passed by a delightful hill (not to be confused with The Hill), perfect for rolling down.
It took a little convincing to get Alexa and Christian to agree to roll with me, but oh, what loads of fun we had!

Gearing myself up to roll for the second time- and cheesin' it up!

Our rather wobbly walk back up the hill after a successful roll down!

Looking far off into our future college careers... looks promising!
(And a tad surprising, if you ask me.)

If you must know, about an hour after our escapade, we realized how itchy we had become.
As of now, I'm not sure if this adventure will be repeated while I have the memory of the scratching still in my head!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Owls in Urban Outfitters

Today was my first day of classes, and you know what that means-
first day of school pictures!

Alexa, my roommate, snapped a quick one of me in our dorm's courtyard right before we went out to stroll about Westwood Village after our day's classes.

On our walk about the Village, we ran into a lazy bear!
Being just as tired and lethargic as he, I felt very empathetic and took a second to mope about with him on the little rocking chair next to his.

And of course we couldn't pass by Urban Outfitters without popping in for a window-shopping session!

Because who doesn't love trying on the bajillion glasses on the rack and choosing the ones most unflattering for your face?
Christian, thank goodness, had just as much fun as I did being goofy.

I really have to give the prize to Alexa, however.
We agreed that those feather hair clips and huge glasses make her look like the friendliest owl ever- isn't my roommate amazing?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

That's LA For You!

I guess I got my first taste of "LA" this week.
I put LA in quotations because people seem to treat Los Angeles as this city swarming with celebrities and film locations, and honestly, it's just another city.
Except when you do run into those celebrities and places that you recognize from TV and you say to yourself, "Oh my goodness, it's LA."

I had two of these realizations in the past three days.

The first one was when I went to church Sunday morning.
Reality LA is held in the theater of Helen Bernstein High School, and I made no connection to the name of the school until I walked out of the service towards the parking lot, and saw this:

Recognize it?

How about now?
That's right- it's the lunch area on the set of Glee!

The second was when I went to UCLA's pre-screening of the movie "50/50".

I thought seeing the movie early (and for free!) was cool enough, but that wasn't all.
Right before the movie started, I heard "... and we have some special people to announce the movie, today: 50/50 actor, Seth Rogen and director, Jonathan Levine."

I guess I made the right choice to sit in the fourth row!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Picnic, Anyone?

So I was just browsing Etsy the other day (because who doesn't, right?) and I came across the cutest vintage thermos set ever:

Adorable with plaid thermoses, different sized caps, a sandwich box, and a plaid carrying case!


I'm kind of having a craving for a good ol' fashioned picnic right now..