Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And They Say, "She's So Lucky."

So apparently I'm a very lucky girl, because this (what I'm about to talk about in a second...) has definitely occurred more than once in my life.
What can I say? I guess the stars are just aligned perfectly for me.

The stars... or the birds.
Yeah. I got pooped on today, on my head. It was a very lovely experience- I was just relaxing with my friends at lunch, enjoying my food, and I felt a little splat on my head.
Freezing, I asked my friends, "Was that what I thought it was?" and sadly, they nodded their heads.

The top view (or bird's eye view, haha, get it?) of the feces.
I guess the bird really was letting it go while he was flying, because it dropped in a perfect line on my hair. And yes, I posed for this picture before I ran to the bathroom to wash it out- is that a little crazy-blogger of me?

And if you wanted to see a picture of my lovely face after this happened, here you go.
Aren't I just attractive?

Note: The poop that also landed on my shoulder. A speck, yes, but scat all the same.


Adi said...

i know your pain. last year i was sitting at my spot before schol on a wednesday, just listening to my music while waiting for people to show up, when suddenly i felt alot or really war, stuff splatter all over me from above. still not sure whenther it was bird feces, vomit, or some other naaaasssty stuff that i got absolutely splattered with from head to toe.

Karm said...

hahaha oh no!! Allison, I feel for you. I have never heard of anyone who got pooped on... I just usually see it on the sidewalk or cars... but never on anyone. Poor girl ): lol

samnhal said...

Oh my gosh that is so gross and I'm so sorry that it happened to you, and at lunch so you couldn't just go wash your hair. How crappy. HAHA check out that pun.

Shalyn said...

You are officially my favorite person in the world for taking those pics before you washed it off! SO sorry that happened, but thanks for letting us laugh with you!

kylee said...

oh my goodness. worst thing ever. i once was at a theme park/zoo place in florida and there was this little building full of birds. my family spent some time in there and left poop free. not even two minutes after leaving the birds a seagull decides to fly over me and let it out. sooo much poop all over my hair and shirt. i cried. and then we went into the bathroom where the stench of throw up was far too strong. just my luck. looking back now it's pretty hilarious, but in the moment it was far from it.