Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Greatest Plan Known to Man.

And yes. It's so epic that it even rhymes.
(Insert Keanu Reeves "whoa" here.)

Four words.
Studying with ice cream.


liz city said...

oh mannnnn
is that brownie i see?
i definitely see caramel and "twist" ice cream.
you really know how to study!!

i had a banana split today. A BANANA SPLIT. We are both crazy haha

Shalyn said...

You really know your stuff. How come I have to see this on a Sunday when I have no way to obtain this? Darn. Happy Sunday!

Emily Sue said...

mmmmmhmm!!! that's the way to do it!!

Claire Kiefer said...

There really isn't anything that ice cream doesn't make better. Lately I've fallen totally in love with a new sorbet shop up the street--everything they use is totally organic and vegan and each sorbet only has like four ingredients, but I SWEAR that it tastes so creamy and hardly discernible from ice cream. Goodness gracious alive!

Jocelyn said...

I love this. that looks amazing. i work at a bakery and there is a gooey chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips and I bought ice cream to put in the work freezer so when we make new batches of cookies I can eat them like a hot cookie sundae. DIVINE. as is this.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oooh is this ice cream with brownies? Or is it ice cream with cake? OMG! That looks sooooooooooo good!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

This looks so tempting!! Mmm!

samnhal said...

And brownies? I don't know if I would get much studying done since I'm a bit of a messy eater. Looks yummy though.

Karm said...

That looks so good right now (: