Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some (Late) Holiday Cheer

The hardware store up by my Grandpa's house got it right:
Who doesn't want a little penny-saving around the holidays?
(And it doesn't hurt that I love a good rhyme & pun!)


Anonymous said...

they went the extra mile. ;D
i love when people do this

Shalyn said...

That is hilarious! I would definitely buy from them before Home Depot:-)

Alexandria said...

You KNOW how I feel about that sign. It is so 'my people'. Bahahah. Loves it!

Karm said...

hahaha that is funny (:

{av} said...

So glad I stumbled on your blog--I'm a fellow Alison {though I'm a one-L girl} :) this sign cracked me up! Thanks for the smile! xoxo {av}

Nancy Face said...

I love puns! I make them all the time, and my family just looks at me and shakes their heads while I laugh at myself! :D

I also love your prom outfit in the post look beautiful!