Friday, January 21, 2011

Something About Purple...

Maybe it's that it's purple. Maybe it's that it's a pastel.
Or maybe it's just that it's on my nails.
Whatever the reason may be, I love this nail polish.

(Please excuse the bump on my ring finger. It's one of those calluses that form from a mixture of gripping the pencil too tight and using the ring finger instead of the middle finger to support the pencil. Shh! I guess I never learned properly in Kindergarten.)

This amazing color is made by "Avon" (or should I write AVON) and unfortunately does not even belong to me. I spotted it on the fingernails of my lovely friend, Anne, and literally begged her for a few days to bring it for me to try.... not that I was desperate or anything....

Four Reasons Why Purple Rocks.

1. It's way funner designing dresses when the hand drawing the designs is pretty in purple.
And yes, in case you were wondering, it's a wedding dress... that's not strange, right?

2. Do you have trouble paying attention to the keys while you play? Not anymore!
(And props to you if you can guess what 7th chord I'm playing!)

3. Edamame in itself is awesome. But eating it with purple nails? It's like double-awesomeness. Like a root beer float.

4. Maybe it's just me, but I feel much more sophisticated playing around with my vintage costume jewelry when my nails match my character.

How do painted nails make YOU feel?


Sam said...

Love that color! I always feel more put together when I'm wearing nail polish, and a lot more girly! It's a good feeling :)

Connie said...

you're so cute! I love it! I think I'd better pick up some purple (:

Pia said...

I am a nail polish maniac. There's hardly ay day where I am not wearing any and I have tons of colors.
I always feel a little more dressed up when I am wearing nail polish.

And that really is a nice color. :)

amanda leeann said...

I keep my nails painted...always. The color changes about 3 times a week. And I own waaaay too many bottles of polish. Oops.

My nails are currently purple, but it's a dark purple. Solidarity! said...

i wish i could design wedding dresses and play piano while having a fabulous nail color! haha. really, i'm not much of a purple person, but i think this post changed my mind. i LOVE this color. i will have to try it out and post some awesome pictures :)

Chloe said...

I LOVE that color!! I also love the wedding dress youre designing, which isnt strange at all

Alexandria said...

I love this color! I have a Sally Hansen polish that is exactly the same color!!

My nails are ALWAYS painted. I feel naked if they aren't.

Mmmmm edamame.

Lula said...

This color is so unbelievably awesome! suits ya! Humm nail painted nails don't make me feel really sophisticated, I bite my nails so I almost never wear any. It's a shame because I love it! But I love biting my nails more haha.
You look gorgeous also!


liz city said...

ummm. wow. work that purple. seriously!
your hands look beautiful!

you play piano?
i really want to play piano, i can play like two songs :D

Claire Kiefer said...

Couldn't agree more! I could eat edamame for days, and I just got my nails painted a lilac color similar to yours! It's an OPI shade but I can't remember the name . . . I love it!

Always Something said...

I have light grey nails all the time, but you make lilac look so delightful I might have to branch out! It's only a teensy step, eh?

Erin said...


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

very cute reasons. I haven't worn nail polish on my nails in a long while. I paint my toenails black though (and have for 11 years)

samnhal said...

I love painting my nails every once in a while...or having them painted since I'm not very good. I love the nude/pastel colors that are really popular right now. But my real question that can't be how you hold a pen when you show your hang by the drawing, because you're holding it correctly there and your ring finger isn't touching it. Now I want to see how you hold a pen for real.

Karm said...

Purple is a very relaxing color and it matches you (:

mel said...

this is an adorable post. i love that shade!
i agree, pretty nails make you feel so much more sophisticated. i'm going to do mine right now :)