Monday, January 10, 2011

Sometimes it's Good to be Melancholy.

Maybe this is kind of a weird thing to do, but I make playlists by moods.
Like, I have a CD called "Pump it up!" (Word for word. Even the exclamation point.) that I listen to in my room and dance around for hours on end.
I also listen to it while I practice driving stick shift (Ask my dad, he's heard it enough times!)

BUT, I figured that most the songs I have here on Monday Melodies are happy pumping-up songs because those are the funnest for me. However, even though this will sound really lame, I also have a sad playlist for when I want to mope.
Because really, when you want to mope, you want to be good and sad and MOPEY.

So, if you're in a good and mopey mood, here are two songs that I guarantee will make you cry (and are actually quite- I mean really- similar in style, now that I think about it). At least, when I listen to them, that's what happens.

This song is called "Porcelain Doll" by Megan McCauley, and even though the singer's appearance really doesn't fit the attitude of the song (at least in my mind), she's got a unique voice and lovely red hair.

As of now, this is my most favorite melancholy song.
It's called "Almost Lover" by A Fine Frenzy and is just the most heart-wrenching thing ever. I even got the sheet music for it so I can tap it out on the piano and sing along.

Do you make organized-themed playlists, too?


Karm said...

I do!!!

Well... not really. I do mine i genres.. like country, rock, hip hop and R&B.. haha from there I get the pump it up!! songs haha (:

samnhal said...

I don't make playlists according to my mood, but I do listen to certain songs according to my mood. I love that song by a fine frenzy. Pandora actually turned me onto that song, it's wonderful, especially when you're in a downer mood.

lindsay said...

i never really thought about whether or not i have an organized themed playlist. it does sound like a good idea though ♥ thank you for the inspiration.

i hope 2011 has started off wonderfully for you miss!


Shalyn said...

I love that you do this too- my favorite CD's are my roadtrip playlists and I have one called "Life is good" and "boys suck" from the good ole' days! ha!

erinj0 said...

I love to do this!
I have relaxing, party-mode, inspiration and instrumental : )

I feel it's the best way to organize my songs!

Sara Pierce said...

Almost lover is one of my favorites! I've given you a Stylish Blogger Award!

Alyssa said...

I make these kinds of playlists too! In fact, I have one called "Melancholy," ha. It's great when I'm sad, and usually if I listen to it long enough, I get sick of being sad and get happy again!

Nancy Face said...

My son Zach Face needs to learn to drive a stick shift...I'll tell him to make a playlist for that! :)