Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where I Realized I Will Never Get Bangs.

I always sort of imagined myself one day looking like Zooey Deschanel- I mean, she's so timeless, so lovely, so VINTAGE. Yes, I do realize that I don't have blue eyes, and that I'm half-Chinese, and that I don't have that beautiful voice, but a girl can pretend!
I came to realize the sad, sad truth a few days ago in Drama when I was assigned the job of taking pictures of myself in wigs for inventory. Hello, that is like, the best job known to man.
Well, to woman.

Here's a quick intro on "how to put a wig on" if you didn't know already.

Braid your hair.

Put the wig cap on, and take a picture looking like a crazed lunch lady.

Attempt to put the first wig on, and realize that there's too much hair gathered in one area.

So french braid into two sections, and pin those up. And wig cap it.

It's wig time!
DISCLAIMER: I had a cough, sore throat, and runny AND stuffy nose at the same time while taking these pictures. How does that even happen? Shouldn't the nose either completely stuff up and stay stuck, or be runny and free? (Ignore that imagery.) Anyways, I look kind of strange. Forgive me, I'm sick.

The thing that I like about these wigs is that they're so pretty. I mean, it's like you don't even have to do anything with your hair!

Kind of tangly, but long and the closest thing to Rapunzel I'll ever get!

And now, the voice of reason. It is this picture that makes me realize that I will never, EVER, look like Zooey. I cannot pull off bangs. Maybe from the profile/side view... but I feel like I look absolutely ridiculous from the front.
Woe is me, never to have the hair of my dreams!


Sum said...

Oh my gosh! I am 100% Chinese and I've been wanting bangs forever. I wish I looked like the cool indie girl or Brooke Fraser. Yeah, I feel your pain. Bangs is a reality that's never coming true for me either. :( I must say, you are darling in your pictures! :)

Kell said...

I think it's the curls.. the curls are too much in the last picture! But I don't think you look bad with bangs at all!
I know how you feel though, I'm pretty much 100% not versatile when it comes to hair styles. I can't pull anything off but long and straight. :(

Lauren said...

What?!? You could totally pull of bangs! Just not with the curls of the last wig... I think you could do a much sleeker look, a little different from Zooey, but probably a bit more like... Ashlee Simpson pre-baby and marriage?
You know, a little more of a hard edged hair to offset your soft features. DO iiiit!

Ashley said...

You could totally rock bangs! They work great on your face. I think the straight hair look with bangs or maybe even side swept bangs would work. It wouldn't be exactly like Zooey but you could definatly do it.

Alisha said...

I love the bangs! You could totally pull it off!

Karm said...

I think you would look so pretty with bangs Allison... side swept bangs would go great with your profile (:

la petite lydia said...

I think bangs fit you! You look really cute with bangs.

mel said...

i agree too, it's the wig, not the bangs themselves...
a nice sideswept one.
yeah that wig looks like it has hat head.

Anonymous said...

aw you look cute with bangs!
i think the first wig suits you! Girl, you fierce!! :D

Sam said...

I actually think the bangs look really cute on you! I'm just not a fan of those curls on the wig in the last pic.. maybe that's what's throwing you off?

This looks like it was so much fun!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

well no matter what you look gorgeous. I just chopped my bangs in general because it's been a long time since I had them and I hate hate hate hate them. oh well.

Alexandria said...

First, you are so beautiful.

Second, the curls and the bangs? No. The bangs? YES! Please!!!

jennifer michelle said...

I think the key to pulling off bangs is confidence more than anything ;)