Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So I've mentioned before that I'm involved with the Drama department at my school. And occasionally I get to be onstage... unfortunately my incredibly busy schedule doesn't lend itself kindly to late night rehearsals every day and thus, I don't really get to act in the mainstage productions.
However, I do make it a point to participate in these shows- I want to be a part of the production and have made the play (whatever it may be) possible!
So, for this season's "Pride and Prejudice", I'm designing/playing with the wigs.

Which first involved cleaning them, using Woolite as a shampoo substitute.... and then letting them dry in the warm sun!

Which obviously led to me arranging the wigs rainbow-style by hair color.

And creeping out half the school with the wig-heads' creepy styrofoam faces.

I think I may have formed an unhealthy obsession with these guys....

Pictures taken by the lovely Stella.


la petite lydia said...

This post made me laugh! And those heads are a touch creepy.

Shalyn said...

HA! Oh man, those could make for some great entertainment if you got the right group of people together! How fun that you get to help with the plays, im jealous!

Hannahkin said...

oh, wigs! and oh, Pride & Prejudice! i wish my school'd had such a cool Drama department. actually, um, we didn't actually have a proper Drama department... so even a bad Drama department would be an improvement, methinks :P can i come be in Pride & Prejudice, please? :)

Karm said...

haha those wigs reminded me of the Glee episode: Hairography haha