Thursday, February 17, 2011

GAH. It's All I Can Say.

Okay, this post is probably going to sound incredibly cliche and canned... and for that I apologize.
Sometimes when I get really excited about something, I tend to drone on and on about it, and the occasional lines such as "power of love" and "vitality of spirit" and stuff spring forth from my mouth before I can keep it shut.
So I apologize beforehand.

What I DO hope, though, is that you actually take the time to watch this video.
I know that while reading people's blogs it's really easy to skip past the videos they post (I admit it, I have done this before) but I'm sincerely asking you to see this.

Also because this is what I want my future child to be like... and hope that's not weird at all coming from a 17 year old.

Okay, what's so ridiculous about this is that this boy, Jonathan, is THREE YEARS OLD.
I was just learning how to tie my shoes then!
You all know that I love me some music. And as a musician and piano teacher, and basically overall lover of music- seeing the (here comes the cliched statements) passion in this boy, the excitement for CLASSICAL MUSIC makes me cry.
Yeah... kind of sad, but I actually cried at the end of the video when he dropped his baton and then started laughing hysterically. Because that (to me) showed me that he's not just some random prodigy whose parents pushed music into, he's a KID still, and an amazing one at that.

Can I please have a kid like this?


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh he is SO adorable! It's so awesome and crazy how into that he is...he's so excited and happy about it! I love how when he drops his stick and starts laughing he falls over. So cute. He was making me nervous that he was going to put that thing through his eye though :p
Have a lovely weekend!

linnykins said...

hello! Just popping by to say hi :)

Cuuuuuute kid. Awwww!

Jennifer said...

I absolutely loved this. Wow. And he picked his nose half the time. It takes a lot of talent to conduct and pick your nose. Haha.

_kArLy[*] said...

okay! seriously! so cute! i love this! so much! what a fun blog! cant wait to catch up on the rest of your posts! :]

amanda leeann said...

i'm sure you will have awesome music loving kiddos that are as awesome as you are!

also, i use random and verbose lines and spills all the times. it's the obnoxious side of my major ;)