Saturday, February 12, 2011


So a few days ago I went onto Goodwill's website to find- well actually, I don't remember what I was looking for- something, and I saw that a new Goodwill had opened.
Of course, the grass is always greener on the other side (or whatever that saying is), and those pictures looked mighty more interesting than my Goodwill, so I decided to investigate.

Emily and I drove in her Christmas present to the great unknown.
Even more unknown to me was her gift- this was my first time driving in any convertible on the freeway, and I have to admit, I was rather squeal-y. And many heads may have turned while we were driving on the streets on account of me putting my hands up roller-coaster style and screaming- but hey. It's a CONVERTIBLE.
I think it's practically the rule to scream and play obnoxiously loud music, right?

We got a little over excited with what we were finding and our shopping cart was piled high with clothes within the hour.

I pulled a Vanna White and attempted to showcase our overflowing cart. Unfortunately, the sequined tube-top thingy that I was modeling at the time gave me the awkward appearance of love handles.

Even more awkward, however, was this picture that was captured right before I was about to pop a foot. Seriously. Worst of both worlds.
I could either have chosen [smile + bulges] or [maniacal face + long hair].... I guess I just chose to show you both.

And last but not least, our hottest item of the day....

Oh yeah. It even rivals the black suspender skirt of last trip.
How I didn't walk away with that beauty still confounds me!

PS: I realize that I never post anything GOOD that I have gotten at Goodwill... and for that, I apologize. You probably think that all there is is a bunch of ill-fitting jumpsuits and sequined tube-top dresses.
Fear not, my friends. Photo evidence is on the way...


Kell said...

I'm jealous of your clean and awesome Goodwill.. I want one like that around here! I also want a friend with a convertible.

By the way, you're so stinkin' pretty!

Kate said...

I love this post! I want to go Good Will Hunting with you. Also, your hair (and your face!) are gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

That looks like a great Goodwill. Ours really smells like poop. Not even kidding.

PS: That jumper is awesome. ;)

Nancy Face said...

You do a great Vanna White! So fun!

Would you believe I've NEVER been in a convertible? But I will one of these days!

samnhal said...

I need to hit up our local thrift store asap. I'm just so lazy that I haven't gone shopping in a while. That's an awesome Christmas present and I would have done the same thing! I can't believe it's warm enough to have the top down, it makes me jealous.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

well you made everything much more fashionable there. haha. Loved this entry. I laughed. You're great.

Grace said...

I looove Goodwill!
I think you rocked the mint green overall-shorts hybrid, to be honest, but maybe you can pick them up next time.

<3 Grace.