Friday, February 4, 2011

A Mother's Love.

Just yesterday I got to skip school for an all-day field trip with my Physiology class (so I guess it's not technically still skipping... ) to the Tech Museum to see the infamous "Body World" exhibit!

I had seen it before, and was all prepared to ask questions about their supposed misuse of executed Chinese prisoners, but to my surprise, all the bodies were white! Who would've guessed?

We weren't actually allowed to take pictures in the exhibit (and I was way too chicken to try- I mean, those bodies were TOTALLY eyeballing us), so the only pictures we have are of the interesting events before...

One of the stations the Tech Museum has- I guess to attract kids and teach them more about the fields of science- was the DNA "lab".
Karina and I were given what we thought were pink lollipops (and we got really excited) but it turned out they were sponges that we wiped the insides of our cheeks with to grab the free-floatin' DNA.

We sponged the DNA onto our labeled slides....

.... and dyed the slides so that the DNA would be visible under the microscope.

Apparently I am a legit microscope-ist because I can focus under the largest magnification on cells in less than 30 seconds.

And the picture of my magnified nuclei! I felt strangely like a first time mother looking at her baby's ultrasound... it was very disconcerting.
(Those two blobs with darker spots in them are my DNA cells with their nuclei!)

Proud parents.


jennifer michelle said...

omg! i totally used to live in san jose and i've totally been to the tech museum! I went to SJSU! haha :-)

kylee said...

the body world exhibit is amaaaazing! so jealous that you've been more than once.

becca. said...

i was totally about to comment... "my, what a tasty looking bubble gum lollipop," and then my dreams were shattered. Haha. The exhibit looks like fun!

samnhal said...

I saw Body Worlds when it was in town. Such a cool exhibit, It's crazy what our body does. I think I saw the heart one. I totally thought that was a lollipop too!

Kelsey said...

Body Worlds= coolest thing EVER!