Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nothing Bundt Love!

Okay, you know I have a bit of a sweet tooth.
In fact, that's probably a bit of an understatement seeing how much I crave chocolate and just how many trips to the ice-cream machine I can make at a buffet. But yes.
Sweets rock.
My mom recently bought a bunch of mini cakes from "Nothing Bundt Cakes", a chain of shops that specialize in Bundt cakes- lemme tell you- they're AMAZING.

First of all- they're miniature. You don't have to feel too bad about how much you've eaten because it's nothing compared to an entire cake, right?
(Thankfully, I split this one with Mathew yesterday night.)

This cake was a "White White Chocolate" with an amazing cream cheese type icing.
My favorite part of the entire cake (well, of any cake with icing and a hole in the middle, really) is the very center where all the icing has dripped and it's like a fiesta for your taste buds.

GAH. It was not dry at all, and I'm literally salivating right now writing about it.
I hope that's not TMI. Because it was really really good.

The state of the poor cake after about 30 seconds.

The saddest part of my day. Literally.
And don't fret- despite all my training throughout my child, I went against all teachings and licked the knife. It was a butter knife, for crying out loud!
And that was some fine icing....

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I hear the lemon cake calling my name...


Karm said...

yummm that does look delicious.
I love cake (:

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness.

I. Want. That. In. My. Tummy. Right. Now.

I am lusting after that cake.

Christina said...

Oh man, reading this on en empty stomach is a bad idea. I would kill a man for a lemon bundt cake right now. Is that shop actually open somewhere or did she order them online?

I, too, lick my knife once in a while.

Vida said...

The past few days I've been craving sugar like a MADWOMAN. Apparently I didn't realize living with my boyfriend would mean no need for sweets in the house at all times. I ate about 10 barely sweet tea cookies before I gave up and realized it wouldn't suffice. Probably could have stopped at 2... Oops! I like that you documented this and made it interesting to read!

P.S.- I love what you wrote in the comment spot. I feel exactly the same way! My tip would be: install Disqus and fret not because it doesn't ask for anything in that area!

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Vanessa said...

I need to have one of these shops open near me because this looks and sounds delicious! Mmmmmmmmmm!

Also, I lick the knife too. 8)