Monday, February 28, 2011

A Weather Fail (And a Song!)

So remember how I was so excited just a few days ago?
When I actually thought there might be snow in California, in my sunny town?

That was a COMPLETE fail.
I looked out the window in the morning, hoping to see big clouds just ready to pour snow on us (or sprinkle- I'd be okay with that, too) and I saw this:

Really, California, really?
And the weathermen- I personally blame you. Because I wouldn't have put this little idea in my head by myself, YOU gave me the illusion of hope.

Ah well, at least we had a nice Sunday after-church walk from it.

And a song:

My sweet and hilarious Calculus buddy, Sandia, introduced me to this band less than a week ago, and goodness, I'm in LOVE.

They're called Young the Giant (as you can probably infer from the cover art) and they're just so rock-y and fun without being "mainstream and stupid".
(in quotes because sometimes those things go hand in hand- sometimes, not always)

This song is called "My Body" and I think I've listened to it about 6 times on repeat just sitting here writing this post. It's that good.

The best part? There's none of that overly-autotuned poop.
They have genuinely catchy voices, fun chord changes, and head-bobbing songs.


Karm said...

Awww, I'm sorry it didn't snow there... it snowed like crazy here and I seen trucks sliding off the roads and what not. At this point I am so tired of the snow.. I can't wait til Spring (:

Vanessa said...

Aww I'm so disappointed for you! Next time it is suppose to snow here, I'll make sure to try and persuade it to head out your way instead!

Alexa R. said...

Hey Allison, im alexa a new blogger, Ive been checking out your blog and I would really love if you would give me some input on blogging, im only 19 and I just yesterday decided to start this I would really aprecciate any comment.

Nancy Face said...

I feel your pain! I've been waiting pretty much my whole life to see snow here in the Arizona desert, and I'm still waiting! Hey, don't laugh! It actually DOES snow in my city every now and then, but always on the outskirts of town...never at my house! Psh!

Johnny said...

I think it's pretty tough not to see little cold snowflakes falling from the sky from your window. Since I live in normal climate zone, snow sometimes is lika a pain in the ass, but it's still our nature beauty! You can check out some pictures of my surroundin area and Baltic sea shore in wintertime at