Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Night of Fun and Babies.

Meet my new cousin, Ryan.
He's basically adorable to the max, and for a few 15-minute intervals last night, he was all mine.
(I would've kept him for longer but Mathew forced me to share.)

So, he was born less than 2 weeks ago (I want to say 12 days- but don't quote me on that), and of those 2 weeks, I've seen him twice. Lucky me!
If I keep this up, I'll basically be his favorite cousin ever.

We went over to visit and eat dinner (and some mighty delicious Special Edition Girl Scout Cookie ice cream) and there was plenty of fun to go around!

I revisited some childhood games with my two younger cousins, Addison and Nathaniel, and marveled at how packaging changes!
Man, can't kids be happy with plain old Chutes and Ladders instead of more colors and more shapes and more people? I remember it being rather nondescript...

There were plenty of silly faces and giggles.

And I do believe that Mathew was extremely taken with Nathaniel's light saber set.
They had plenty-a duel together, although Nathaniel may have ended up with two black eyes- one from a thrown pillow (ahem, Mathew) and one from a lightsaber (cough, Mathew).

Oh, and of course. There was plenty and plenty of holding!

Can I hear a "whoot whoot" for newborns?
Goodness, I love 'em.

(And yes, I admit sheepishly, there are no pictures of the happy parents. I had a couple awkward ones on my camera, but I figured I'd better not show any at all than show some really unflattering camera angles... my bad. There are attractive people, take it from me.)


Jennifer said...

There is nothing more precious than holding a newborn! You have an adorable new cousin!

TeresaD said...

Gorgeous! I am such a baby hog too.

Chelsea said...

Ah. This makes me baby hungry.

Does your cousin just want to give me this little nugget? He's perfect.


Kell said...

Aw! He's adorable. I'm a baby hog too, but I hide it.

samnhal said...

Holding a newborn is fun, but after like a half an hour I'm ready to give them back to their parents. I like playing with toddlers more.