Monday, March 7, 2011

Surprisingly So.

This song, by Amy Seeley, has probably got to be one of my most favorite songs.
(I know, I say it about every song, but hey- there are a lot of good songs out there!)

One of the reasons I am so in love with it is because it's a love song without it being about a specific person, a song about true love with friends.
And that, my friends, is some powerful stuff.

An excerpt:

"And when you smile.. you smile... you smile at me
you have no idea just how sweet it can be

so the band marches on
and we will sing along
there's comfort in knowing our similarities

we are captured in time, space and degrees of caution .. wonder .. and awe

like pirouettes drifting

ike chocolate

like saccharine

you're unaware .. appealing

like our friendship, I'll be content."

Another thing that I like about her is that she has no music videos, no fancy-pancy studio recordings, it's just her. And her piano.
And I think that her clear voice and emotion just shines through and makes the world of auto-tune seem so silly...

Gah. It's beautiful.

Don't you agree?


Lauren @ You Had Me at Handmade said...

Gah! I love that song. I'm fairly certain it will be used somewhere in my wedding. Check this out:

I pretty much melted when I heard that song start, plus their video is great too!

samnhal said...

I've never heard of her before, but I'm excited to listen to her music. If they're playing a piano, chances are I'll like the song.