Monday, April 11, 2011

Fangirl Central.

Lemme just say, picture and talking overload ahead.
And lots of virtual squealing. And possibly some pants-peeing.
(But you won't hear about the latter from me.)

So this weekend- Saturday night to be exact- I went to go see my first ever concert, classical concerts not counting.
I know you're probably thinking, "Wow, she's 17 and this is her FIRST concert?" and to that I really have nothing to say... I'm just busy? I guess?
The band that was playing was Bonnie Dune, a band that would probably have a bigger impact on you if I told you its drummer.
The one, the only,
Cory Monteith.
And if you don't know who that is, well, I don't really know what to say. Watch some Glee?
And that, sadly, was the reason that most the fans were there- but seriously, the band is GOOD. Their melodies are legit, they're catchy, and they sound great live. And that's really how you can tell whether or not a band is good.
But back to the story.

So we got to the sketchy (but very cool) little San Francisco bar, Bottom of the Hill, at 6:00-ish.
We were attempting to be in the first 50 because we thought there might be a meet and greet afterward.. it turned out there wasn't a formal one- but more on that later.
We kind of hoped that we would be able to get in when we got there, but to no avail- doors opened promptly at 8:30 pm.
You might be able to tell a tad from the differences in light outside in the pictures.

There was something good that came out of waiting at such an early time though-

Maybe 30 minutes after we had jumped around in the cold trying to get warm, a little dark green vintage car pulled right up to the front of the place (there is only one entrance) and, just glancing at it, we realized- that was Cory in the passenger seat.
Yes, his head is turned away in the pictures (as they assessed the crowd and then pulled out of the spot to zoom around the corner) but seriously- our hearts stopped for a second.
It was just so strange, so surreal to see someone you see on your screen in real life.

Our lovely X'd out hands, signifying our under-21-ness and inability to drink.

The inside (while others were still in line and we had JUST stepped in)- it maybe even looks bigger in this picture than in real life. I'm telling you, this place is SMALL. I was pressed up against the mini-stage to take it.
(The girl in the picture is one of the crazy sorority fan girls who sang the same song non-stop while we were in line... over and over and over.)

Justin Wilcxynski, their lead singer, who I believe is a model.
Man, this guy is good looking- like, I took a TON of pictures of him while they were onstage (because he was literally a foot away from me) and none of them were bad.
That's more than I can say for my candids...
OH! And Kristen and I chatted it up with him for, like, 5 minutes straight. We talked music, college (which was a tad awkward because he was a dropout)... we're basically BFFs now.
And during one of the opening acts, Lite Brite, I was showing my new-to-concert side because I couldn't stand the loudness (we were right in front of the speakers) and he helped me find some earplugs! So sweet!

Guitar/Back-up vocalist Seth Roberts (who we got a picture with afterward, and who is in an awesome band Lakes) and Bassist Josh Kerr- both super nice. Although they didn't get nearly as much attention as the other two guys and for that, I really felt bad.

Um, yes. That is Cory Monteith, standing literally less than 10 feet in front of me.
He was basically just like I expected him to be- he was funny, he cracked silly jokes in between songs, he was nice.
Funny though, I would almost say that Justin was nicer than Cory to fans, if that's possible... I do understand it though- if I had thousands of girls screaming at me every day like Cory does, I'd feel pretty wary.

Oh, and the back of Mark Salling's head! He came to support Cory, and his distinctive mohawk was as prominent as ever.

The boys posing for pictures afterward.
We were kind of upset that we didn't a group shot, but seriously- these girls were RABID. They pushed, pulled, elbowed... it was scary. And the band's manager was extremely diligent at pulling them out of the room... sigh.

Our picture with Seth! (From left to right: Me, Seth, Kristen, Mariel)
Excuse the rather lethargic expression on my face- it was about 1 o'clock in the morning and I was definitely feeling the effects of both sleep deprivation and chill- and loud noises.
Thankfully I took out my oh-so-attractive orange ear plugs before the picture.

PS: My favorite song from the night, Strange Ways. They don't have a record deal yet so most their stuff isn't easy to find.

{pictures taken by me and Kristen. Mostly Kristen}


Alexandria said...

I am jealous of your life. So cool.

Elysie Piecie said...

I'm so jealous! I'm so glad that you got to have this awesome night. I'd say this was a pretty daggum good concert for your first one. Man, it'd be a pretty daggum good concert for your 100th :)

mjMuffin said...

OMG I so regret not going to this show! I literally planned on going like 3 weeks prior and constantly had it in mind until Saturday.

I had a "little" emotional breakdown and actually cried in my car for about an hour debating whether or not to go because as my life is right now my friends equal a population of TWO which we dont even share same interests. anyway the rest of my "friends" live over 100 miles away or we simply lost touch. So I didn't want to go alone to a show which I knew many girls would be at.. making it more awkward for me.. well thinking of it now not really but whatever.

So my sadspice brain convinced myself to go home. agh! totally cried the 50 miles home from work in Sausalito and I remained lame the rest of the night just imagining what the show was like.

I wish I knew you were going I would have 'known' someone at least and who also likes what i like. Anyway I'm glad you shared this amazing experience.

samnhal said...

I didn't go to my first concert until I was in high school either, and then I went to a lot in college. I love going to indie band's concerts. Usually, when the dummer isn't famous, there is no one there and you get to meet them and talk to them. I went to a concert for a band called Socratic, and only 2 other people came, so we talked to them for like an hour before they got on stage. It was awesome. This seems like such a cool experience!

Lindsay Shreeve said...

I think I just had a heart attack!! I hope you never forget that experience! How fun!!!!!!!!! I am a major Cory fan and when I saw the pic of the back of his head my heart did a somersault! You lucky woman!

Vanessa said...

How awesome and lucky are you?! Glad your first concert was amazing!!

Anonymous said...