Monday, May 2, 2011

The Lifelong Dilemma: The Dress

And by lifelong, I mean this year, of course.
And by dilemma, I mean prom dresses.
Because seriously, how hard is it to find a dress that's awesome and wonderful that you actually look good in? Pretty darn hard, if you ask me.

And so, lovely readers (if you're still around after my two-week hiatus), I need YOU to help me decide.
Which dress gets the "yes"?

Here goes!
(A disclaimer: these are not ordered by my preferences)

"The Wrap"- Look at the colors below to get a better idea of color choice.

"The Watermark"- awesomely placed, right?

"The Goddess"- cool beading details!

"The Mother of the Bride"- No joke, that's what it's called. So is it too matronly for me?

(Imagine me as an air hostess)
Please be directed to the voting poll located on your left, and be sure to choose your favorite dress in the chances that Allison might choose YOUR choice as her dress for Senior Prom!