Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We Put the "Yo" in "Fro-Yo"

Yeah, I'm not really sure where I was going with that title, but it sounded cool when I was typing it.
(HA! COOL! Get it?! Because it's frozen yogurt, and it's cold!?)

Oh man.
And that, folks, is what heat does to an already addled brain.

Lizzy and I went out for froyo yesterday, because (if you hadn't inferred already) it's kinda hot outside! There are seriously SO many frozen yogurt joints in California, it's not even funny, but we headed over to Orange Tree (and who names them?) for some creamy goodness!

You see, I'm totally onto all the tricks of these places.
They give you the hugest cups ever and you think, "I'll just fill it halfway and that should be about right" - WRONG.
The trick is to fill it up a quarter and then go for the toppings. Or, if you want to cut down the cost, don't go for toppings at all because those are what weigh the most.
(But seriously, who doesn't want toppings?!)

I'm definitely a toppings kind of girl.
Lizzy thought I was crazy when I told her this, but I like to have a piece of topping with every bite, for the texture!
I pretty much stick to fruits and mochi- can someone tell me why little pieces of glutinous rice covered in flour are SO appetizing? I don't even know...

Enjoyin' our treats!

What do you put in your froyo?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Grease is the Word!

Because we are incredibly cool for our age, and quite possibly living in the wrong era (at least, I know I am!), Emily and I went to go see "Grease: The Sing-Along Experience!" at The Retro Dome.

The Retro Dome is without a doubt, my FAVORITE cinema in the world.

I mean, where else is it cool to watch movies from 30 years ago, to actually SING out loud in the theatre without anyone yelling at you?
And lemme tell you- we did more than just sing.

We were each given a goodie bag filled with all kinds of things:

1) A pin that we could put on our shirts to show which group- Pink Ladies or the T-Birds- we would sing with (like on "Summer Nights")
2) A twinkie and a cup for dessert wine (it was really just apple cider) during the slumber party.
3) A toothbrush to sing along with the "Brusha-brusha-brusha" commercial at the slumber party (possibly the most annoying, and most hilarious, moments in the movie)
4) A candy bracelet to munch on during the carnival scene!

We also had balloons that we blew up and threw in the air at the prom so we could have our very own "balloon drop".

And bubbles to blow in the air during the dream sequence.
They even called up people to dress up and dance on the stage in front of everyone!

We sung our hearts out,

posed in the bathroom as usual,

it was SUCH an amazing experience- I had no idea so many people (a sold out theater full!) could enjoy singing and dancing and just being silly to an 80's movie.

Ha! I'm not as lame as some people say...
(or if I am, there are many other AWESOMELY lame people with me!)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

So Long, Class of 2011!

So maybe it will surprise some of you,
but somehow (just somehow!) I graduated high school.

I KNOW, right?
Breaking news... of about a month ago.

But since I've been a world traveler as of late, I'll have to share my pre-Europe experiences with you now, and then we'll start on Salzburg, Vienna, Prague...
(oh my!)

Graduation was a lot of sitting around on the bleachers facing the sun waiting for our names to be called. Somehow we kept ourselves entertained (or maybe it was because the four of us were together) but the 70-80 minutes it took to have speeches, roll calling, and the national anthem sung went by without a hitch.

From left to right: Anne, Allison, Lena, Karina

Oh, and did you know our school colors are purple and gold?
Poor boys, they got stuck with the purple gowns.

I appeared to be so ecstatic to finally get that diploma in my hands that the vein in my neck was sticking out like no other... or maybe that's just my smile?

And then the pictures.

Pictures with parents,

pictures with grandpas,

but we smiled photo after photo, because hey- how often can you graduate high school?
That's a once-in-a-lifetime deal right there.

And besides, who says we can't use silly faces every once in a while?

Pictures accumulated from Neha, Anne, Karina, and Allison