Monday, July 18, 2011

Grease is the Word!

Because we are incredibly cool for our age, and quite possibly living in the wrong era (at least, I know I am!), Emily and I went to go see "Grease: The Sing-Along Experience!" at The Retro Dome.

The Retro Dome is without a doubt, my FAVORITE cinema in the world.

I mean, where else is it cool to watch movies from 30 years ago, to actually SING out loud in the theatre without anyone yelling at you?
And lemme tell you- we did more than just sing.

We were each given a goodie bag filled with all kinds of things:

1) A pin that we could put on our shirts to show which group- Pink Ladies or the T-Birds- we would sing with (like on "Summer Nights")
2) A twinkie and a cup for dessert wine (it was really just apple cider) during the slumber party.
3) A toothbrush to sing along with the "Brusha-brusha-brusha" commercial at the slumber party (possibly the most annoying, and most hilarious, moments in the movie)
4) A candy bracelet to munch on during the carnival scene!

We also had balloons that we blew up and threw in the air at the prom so we could have our very own "balloon drop".

And bubbles to blow in the air during the dream sequence.
They even called up people to dress up and dance on the stage in front of everyone!

We sung our hearts out,

posed in the bathroom as usual,

it was SUCH an amazing experience- I had no idea so many people (a sold out theater full!) could enjoy singing and dancing and just being silly to an 80's movie.

Ha! I'm not as lame as some people say...
(or if I am, there are many other AWESOMELY lame people with me!)


kylee said...

coolest thing ever. the instant i saw this i e-mailed my friend telling her we must do this next time we travel to cali.

Valerie said...

i went to a grease singalong last summer! one of the most fun nights ever. love the goodie bags they handed out!

Karm said...

how cool is that? amazing... I want to go to one. Are there any close to Phoenix? hmmm looks like a lot of fun. and your dress is darling.

Elysie Piecie said...

This is so awesome! I love the goody bags...I immediately knew what the brush was for :)