Thursday, July 14, 2011

So Long, Class of 2011!

So maybe it will surprise some of you,
but somehow (just somehow!) I graduated high school.

I KNOW, right?
Breaking news... of about a month ago.

But since I've been a world traveler as of late, I'll have to share my pre-Europe experiences with you now, and then we'll start on Salzburg, Vienna, Prague...
(oh my!)

Graduation was a lot of sitting around on the bleachers facing the sun waiting for our names to be called. Somehow we kept ourselves entertained (or maybe it was because the four of us were together) but the 70-80 minutes it took to have speeches, roll calling, and the national anthem sung went by without a hitch.

From left to right: Anne, Allison, Lena, Karina

Oh, and did you know our school colors are purple and gold?
Poor boys, they got stuck with the purple gowns.

I appeared to be so ecstatic to finally get that diploma in my hands that the vein in my neck was sticking out like no other... or maybe that's just my smile?

And then the pictures.

Pictures with parents,

pictures with grandpas,

but we smiled photo after photo, because hey- how often can you graduate high school?
That's a once-in-a-lifetime deal right there.

And besides, who says we can't use silly faces every once in a while?

Pictures accumulated from Neha, Anne, Karina, and Allison


kylee said...

graduation is deathly long. my friends and i played a game of BS. without cards. it was awesome even if it only lasted 1 minute. congrats on graduating!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

You are so cute. congratulations.

Alexandria said...


1. Congratulations! So so proud of you.
2. MY school colors were purple and gold. Boys wore purple gowns, ladies wore gold. Heinous.
3. I cannot wait to hear about your travels
4. We MUST meet up this summer.
5. Go take the world by storm m'dear.

Karm said...

oh wow... so thats where you have been. POST POST! I want to read and see your europe trip. amazing.
COngrats Allison. you are gonna love college. thanks for sharing your graduation photos. I wish my graduation was that fun and memorable... :-/