Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We Put the "Yo" in "Fro-Yo"

Yeah, I'm not really sure where I was going with that title, but it sounded cool when I was typing it.
(HA! COOL! Get it?! Because it's frozen yogurt, and it's cold!?)

Oh man.
And that, folks, is what heat does to an already addled brain.

Lizzy and I went out for froyo yesterday, because (if you hadn't inferred already) it's kinda hot outside! There are seriously SO many frozen yogurt joints in California, it's not even funny, but we headed over to Orange Tree (and who names them?) for some creamy goodness!

You see, I'm totally onto all the tricks of these places.
They give you the hugest cups ever and you think, "I'll just fill it halfway and that should be about right" - WRONG.
The trick is to fill it up a quarter and then go for the toppings. Or, if you want to cut down the cost, don't go for toppings at all because those are what weigh the most.
(But seriously, who doesn't want toppings?!)

I'm definitely a toppings kind of girl.
Lizzy thought I was crazy when I told her this, but I like to have a piece of topping with every bite, for the texture!
I pretty much stick to fruits and mochi- can someone tell me why little pieces of glutinous rice covered in flour are SO appetizing? I don't even know...

Enjoyin' our treats!

What do you put in your froyo?


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

Mmm...I've never tried that but I wanna do it so badly!

kylee said...

fruit is always my go to topping. i hate those froyo places. why? well mostly because i hate filling my cup up and then by the time i go to pay i want to take it all back. so much money every single time.

linnykins said...

Mmmm that looks good! Fro yo isn't that popular here y there aren't many places that sell it (and places that do probably don't sell it the same as the stuff you get there). I think that I'd like fruit with mine, although mochi?? Yum!

Elysie Piecie said...

I love to have a part of my topping with every bite. I usually get banana flavored with chocolate chips. Sometimes frutti pebbles go well with it too. If it's dark chocolate, I love bananas on top. Basically anything with a chocolate/banana combo is amazing!

Kell said...

Mini gummy bears and that's IT. But I put a ton on. :)

Vanessa said...

I am incredibly jealous. All those Froyo places!? So jealous. I went to a place like this last month (1.5 hours away) and LOVED it. Picking a million different toppings for my swirled froyo! Loved it. I love the heath crunch and graham cracker crumbs the most! Also, I've never had mochi and I feel like I'm not missing out!

rach. said...

i've never had 'fro-yo' before, but i am really tempted to try it. it look soooo yummy! great blog! :)

love, rach.