Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When the Lights Go Down in the City

Just this past weekend my family went to go see our favorite San Francisco Giants.
I guess the last time I went to a "real" baseball game was last year, but man, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Funny, I was expecting it to be warm and sunny like California is supposed to be in the summer, but instead I got this foggy mess.
Darn San Francisco.

And to start out so deceptively gorgeous, too!

My dad and brother have that infuriating male talent of never being cold, so they had grins the entire game.

And my mom was wearing my dad's extra coat on top of her jacket, so really, I was the only shivering body in the family.
Figures, right?

I do have to admit though, I took a special liking to the "Sing-Along Inning", in which all the spectators amuse themselves for a portion of the eighth inning by humming, crooning, and harmonizing along to Journey's "Lights".

You know I love me a good sing!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Songs Named After Girls.

Has anyone ever wondered that?
Why there are so many songs named after girls, and really not that many after guys?
I mean, it's not like female performers aren't singing about their male counterparts, it's just that (how I like to think of it) they're a little more discreet about crooning a certain name to the entire world.
Or maybe guys are just more bold.

It's Monday.
And you know what that means.
(Except that most of you probably forgot considering the number of weeks I've skipped. Shh!)

So, most people have heard of Mumford and Sons, mostly because the band is awesome.
What they don't know (and I'm putting myself into this "they" category, too, because I didn't find out until this week!) is that there's this other awesome band called The Wedding Band, composed of Mumford and Sons & Friends.

That's right.

Awesome band + Awesome band's friends = Nothing can go wrong.

Plus, how cute is the album title?

The Wedding Band pays tribute to that Mumford and Sons style that we all love, but is also surprisingly cheesy (and lovable!) with country style infused songs like the high-spirited "I Take Your Hand", "Thumper"and "She Said Yes".

Being a sucker for the slower songs, I took a special liking to this song, "Susie", a soul-filled ballad with beautiful lyrics.

"Susie, Susie, lead me home
My misguided feet have driven me wrong
I'm a long lost lover and I stand alone
So Susie, Susie, lead me home"

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Did Someone Say "Free"?

So about a month ago, when Lauren first posted on Twitter the hilarity that is FCP, I just about peed in my pants out of joy.

Hand-drawn portraits? Done by a random, awkwardly talented artist?
And the real winner here- FOR FREE?!?
(How was that for an almost-college student?)

So I hurriedly typed up an e-mail with Karina and we twiddled our thumbs for about 2 weeks as we waited (in giddy anticipation!) for our portrait.

"Karina (right) and I, Allison (left) are two best friends about to go off to two separate colleges (her- Willamette, me- UCLA) and this portrait would just about be the bee's knees to commemorate our friendship! When it comes to loving things, it's most always: princesses and vintage. Her favorite is Pocahontas and mine is Snow White. So if we could be some sort of 50's-attired Disney princesses, that would be amazing. We also enjoy romping around, preferably in ice cream sundae lands, and if there could be baby hedgehogs (my favorite animal) and an orange sunset (Karina's favorite color) we would be the two happiest girls in the world."

Lo and behold, look what we got!

We even made it to the website- click here for the page and our bio.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet Velma.

So Lizzy and I and a bunch of girls were crafting before college- you know, picture holders, notebooks- all the things that you absolutely need to take... right?

There was glitter involved, lots of it.
And ice cream.

We were cutting out pictures from magazines for our notebook collages when I saw this foxy lady- I knew that she would be perfect for my book.
Who else would be so surprised and interested to hear all my day's stories?

She was originally in complete sepia, but I got out my Crayola markers and colored away at her lips and stripes....

... glued her onto the notebook....

... added some "vintage" touches, including ripping and roughing up edges...

... and proceeded to decorate the rest of the book with a Sharpie.

So, meet Velma.
I think she's my new best friend.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Big Hair and Polka Dots.

So, it seems like just yesterday that I was at the Grease sing-along, but I'm seriously SUCH a sucker for these shows...

... so I went to another one.

This time it was Hairspray, baby!
If you have never seen this, you need to get your butt over to the nearest TV or Blockbuster or whatever, and watch. It is literally one of the best movies ever.
At least, in my humble opinion.

So I got myself all geared up to try out Elsie's Beehive, covered loofah and all,
but it turned out to be really, really tricky and I kind of got too frustrated to continue documenting my efforts.
One day I will conquer that darn hairstyle! For now, you can see the eh-attempt I had.

Oh, yes.

Me and the girls, Karina and Lena, decked out in our polka dots.
Coincidentally, these dresses are all old stuff- my dress was first used in our 7th grade production of "12 o'clock Rock"- a 1950's Cinderella, Karina's dress was one that I thrifted from Goodwill, and Lena's is one that she wore at our 8th grade graduation!

You can also see my attempt at the beehive...

Just like last time, we got legit props.
We waved our picket signs for TV integration during "I Know Where I've Been", we rang little bells during (you guessed it!) "I Can Hear the Bells", we sucked lollipops along with Penny, and my personal favorite:

Our twist tie "rings" signifying our marriage to the one, the only,
Link Larkin.

In all seriousness though, who can resist this kid?

So I decided, for today's Monday Melody, to give us some Zac Efron lovin' in the Hairspray song "It Takes Two".
You actually only hear about two seconds of it in the movie, right before he tells the kids to cut class to come to the audition, but the song itself is such a sweet ballad!

Awkward Confession: In 2007, when this movie came out, I vowed that someday I would be serenaded by someone singing this song...

Nope, hasn't happened yet.

And being the froyo lovers we are, we couldn't resist the urge to go out for a treat after the movie.
I mean, they were handing out Hello Kitty spoons- that's incentive enough!