Saturday, August 13, 2011

Did Someone Say "Free"?

So about a month ago, when Lauren first posted on Twitter the hilarity that is FCP, I just about peed in my pants out of joy.

Hand-drawn portraits? Done by a random, awkwardly talented artist?
And the real winner here- FOR FREE?!?
(How was that for an almost-college student?)

So I hurriedly typed up an e-mail with Karina and we twiddled our thumbs for about 2 weeks as we waited (in giddy anticipation!) for our portrait.

"Karina (right) and I, Allison (left) are two best friends about to go off to two separate colleges (her- Willamette, me- UCLA) and this portrait would just about be the bee's knees to commemorate our friendship! When it comes to loving things, it's most always: princesses and vintage. Her favorite is Pocahontas and mine is Snow White. So if we could be some sort of 50's-attired Disney princesses, that would be amazing. We also enjoy romping around, preferably in ice cream sundae lands, and if there could be baby hedgehogs (my favorite animal) and an orange sunset (Karina's favorite color) we would be the two happiest girls in the world."

Lo and behold, look what we got!

We even made it to the website- click here for the page and our bio.


Karm said...

haha that is so cute, I love your snow white and pocahontas outfits.... (:
So why aren't you both going to the same school?? (:

Elysie Piecie said...

I love this! Make sure you frame it and keep it in your dorm. Oddly enough, right before you posted this, I requested my own free portrait!

Ashley Slater said...

boo, your picture won't load for me! bummer. That is okay though, I spent some time perusing your lovely blog. FOllowing you now, duh!


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