Monday, August 29, 2011

Songs Named After Girls.

Has anyone ever wondered that?
Why there are so many songs named after girls, and really not that many after guys?
I mean, it's not like female performers aren't singing about their male counterparts, it's just that (how I like to think of it) they're a little more discreet about crooning a certain name to the entire world.
Or maybe guys are just more bold.

It's Monday.
And you know what that means.
(Except that most of you probably forgot considering the number of weeks I've skipped. Shh!)

So, most people have heard of Mumford and Sons, mostly because the band is awesome.
What they don't know (and I'm putting myself into this "they" category, too, because I didn't find out until this week!) is that there's this other awesome band called The Wedding Band, composed of Mumford and Sons & Friends.

That's right.

Awesome band + Awesome band's friends = Nothing can go wrong.

Plus, how cute is the album title?

The Wedding Band pays tribute to that Mumford and Sons style that we all love, but is also surprisingly cheesy (and lovable!) with country style infused songs like the high-spirited "I Take Your Hand", "Thumper"and "She Said Yes".

Being a sucker for the slower songs, I took a special liking to this song, "Susie", a soul-filled ballad with beautiful lyrics.

"Susie, Susie, lead me home
My misguided feet have driven me wrong
I'm a long lost lover and I stand alone
So Susie, Susie, lead me home"


Halie said...

I've also wondered the same thing quite a bit...and the only exception I can think of is Taylor Swift.
By the way, I've never commented on here before but I want to let you know that I love love love your blog! (:

Shannon said...

Music Monday has been MADE for me! I heart Mumford & Sons and Marcus Mumford is my indie BF(he just doesn't know it yet):-)

kylee said...

why on earth have i not heard of the wedding band until now? i thank you times ten for showing me!