Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just Because We're In College...

... doesn't mean we can't act like kids every once in a while!
And what better way to let out our inner-child than to roll down a couple of hills?

I guess it really started when we were walking down The Hill (where all the UCLA dorms are) towards Westwood, and the guy in front of us- completely obliviously, I'm assuming- was singing along to his iPod rather loudly.
In fact, so much so that I took a picture of him and put him on this blog.
Good job, singer walking boy.

Anyways, on our walk back, we passed by a delightful hill (not to be confused with The Hill), perfect for rolling down.
It took a little convincing to get Alexa and Christian to agree to roll with me, but oh, what loads of fun we had!

Gearing myself up to roll for the second time- and cheesin' it up!

Our rather wobbly walk back up the hill after a successful roll down!

Looking far off into our future college careers... looks promising!
(And a tad surprising, if you ask me.)

If you must know, about an hour after our escapade, we realized how itchy we had become.
As of now, I'm not sure if this adventure will be repeated while I have the memory of the scratching still in my head!


Karm said...

hahaha allison you are so silly. But that does look like a lot of fun. I have a video of Warrena and Turtle rolling down a smallish hill too, haha I giggle everytime I watch it. Great job on the schooling. You are going to have an amazing future.

Kate said...

I love your dress! It is so cute!

And I think the fact that you're in college means you should act like kids!

"We're in college" was our excuse for everything when I was in college!