Monday, September 5, 2011

Little Guy, Big Voice.

So I'm sure everyone at one point was familiar with that boy who did a cover of Lady Gaga's paparazzi, became viral on Youtube, and then made it to Ellen.

Well, he's back.
As cute as ever, his first album already released- just 14 years old.
Ridiculous, right?

Emily introduced me to one of his new songs, "Stranded", and I am HOOKED.

I mean, look at him!
3 years younger than I am, a beautiful voice, and such a catchy song!

So if you don't mind me, I'm off to dance in my room.
By myself.
To this song.
For the thousandth time in a row.


Karm said...

haha that is so weird that I have never heard of him... but then again. I am lost in the world most of the time. But I think this song is too cute (:

dana @ wonder forest said...

what a talent!
i think i saw him on Ellen once
xo dana