Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Always Wanted a Pet...

... and now I have three!
Sort of.

You see, the Westwood Farmer's Market came to UCLA today, offering fruits and baked goods and snacks and botanical pretties.
I had just gotten out of class, it was 96 degrees outside (No lie! And in October!) and all I really wanted to do was walk the quarter of a mile back to my dorm, crank up the AC, and take a break.

But really, who can do that when the calls of the vendors are swirling in the air, people are gathering around stalls and walking away with bags of goodies, and there's the promise of a good bargain waiting for you?

Only problem: I didn't have my wallet.
So I ran back to my dorm, grabbed my wallet, ran back to the market (sweating buckets, mind you) and shopped.

The one stand that really caught my eye was the succulents.
I had been planning for a while to get a plant for my dorm room, and these ones were just gorgeous (and so well priced!) that I had to give in.

So, meet my new pets: (from left, clockwise) Lenny, Penny, and Gertrude.
Lenny, short for Leonore, Penny, short for Penelope, and Gertrude.

I like to think that I'm a pretty responsible owner!
(But thank goodness I only have to water them once every 10 days!)

Do you have any pets?
(Or any "pets"?)


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

this post is hilarious! pets are the best, no matter plant or otherwise, ha!
xo TJ

Carrie said...

these are the best and what a cute post!